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Airfields connected to the 8th US Air Force in England




Early in 1942 the US Air Force landed in England ready for an invasion of Europe. The 9th US Air Force also arrived, but the majority of Aircrew were from the 8th US Air Force. The Americans were scattered all over East Anglia and the East Midlands, but by far the greatest concentration was in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.


Where have the airfields gone?


Some airfields are still operating as RAF airfields, but the majority have disappeared into farmland or developments.

The Horsham St Faith airfield in Norfolk, was, after the war, an RAF base, but now houses Norwich International Airport. Next to the airport is an industrial estate with roads named after aircraft, the RAF have long gone.

Snetterton Heath airfield in Suffolk is now a racing circuit and large outdoor market.


Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire is now part of the Imperial War Museum housing a collection of vintage and veteran aircraft.

Honington is still an RAF base, although no planes fly from the airfield (the last aircraft left in 1993).

Wattisham airfield is still an operational airfield, but only for search and rescue helicopters and not airplanes.

Hethel airfield is now home to Lotus Cars Ltd.




Memorials to those who died can still be seen, commemorating not just the Americans, but also other nationalities, including British, who died during the Second World War. For example my local parish council is repairing and improving the memorial dedicated to members of the Parish who lost their lives during the Second World War. As well as this memorial commemorating the locals, there is also another plaque fairly close by which recognises the loss of 20 American service men - "On January 22 and February 13 1945 two American bombers crashed in Church Street close to this tablet with a loss of twenty valuable lives".

In Norwich library, not far from the Horsham St Faiths airfield, is a memorial library to the 2nd Air Division (part of the 8th US Air Force). On the 1st of August 1994 the original Norwich Library was destroyed by fire, with the fire starting in the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library - the whole collection was destroyed. Since then a new library has been built and books etc replaced.




Below is a list of airfields used by the Americans during the Second World War. This information should be correct ... unless, of course, you know better!


  • Thurleigh, US Station No 111
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cheddington, US Station No 113


  • American Military Cemetary and Memorial, Madingley
  • Alconbury, US Station No 102
  • Bottisham, US Station No 374
  • Glatton, US Station No 130
  • Kimbolton, US Station No 117
  • Molesworth, US Station No 107


  • Andrews Field, Great Saling, US Station No 485


  • Attlebridge, US Station No 120
  • Bodney, US Station No 141
  • Deopham Green, US Station No 142
  • East Wretham, US Station No 133
  • Hardwick, US Station No 104
  • Hethel, US Station No 114
  • Horsham St Faith, US Station No 123
  • North Pickenham, US Station No 143
  • Old Buckenham, US Station No 144
  • Rackheath, US Station No 145
  • Seething, US Station No 146
  • Shipdham, US Station No 115
  • Snetterton Heath, US Station No 138
  • Thorpe Abbotts, US Station No 139
  • Tibenham, US Station No 124
  • Watton, US Station No 376
  • Wendling, US Station No 118


  • Harrington, US Station No 179
  • Spanhoe


  • Bungay/Flixton, US Station No 125
  • Bury St Edmunds/Rougham, US Station No 468
  • Debach, US Station No 152
  • Eye, US Station No 134
  • Framlingham/Parham, US Station No 153
  • Great Ashfield, US Station NO 155
  • Halesworth, US Station No 365
  • Honington, US Station No 375
  • Horsham, US Station No 119
  • Knettishall, US Station No 136
  • Lavenham, US Station No 137
  • Leiston, US Station No 373
  • Martlesham Heath, US Station No 369
  • Mendlesham, US Station No 156
  • Rattlesden, US Station No 126
  • Sudbury, US Station No 174

West Sussex

  • Westhampnett



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Kimbolton   Air Memorial

Kimbolton Air Base Links:

Unofficial 379th Bomb Group(H) "The Triangle K" "Power and Precision"
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Chris Chandler, Official 8th AFHS UK Contact for the 379th BG

"Any Veteran and/or relatives wanting to visit the old base or see his mini, private 379th museum can contact him at:

Chris Chandler, 16 Clover Avenue, Bedfrod, Beds, MK41 OTZ, United Kingdom.  Telephone: 01234 211026


To Join the 379th Bomb Group - Triangle K (524th, 525th, 526th, 527th Bomb Squadrons)

Contact:  Mr. Jan Rumberger, Secretary 379th Bomb Group WWII Association, Inc.

925 Hertzler Rd., Mechanicsburg, PA   17055-6128

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