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Squadrons of the Mighty 8th

The 379th Heavy Bomber Group

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The 91st Heavy Bombardment Group
93rd Bomb Group
The 100th Heavy Bombardment Group
The 303rd Bomb Group(H)Heavy
The 352nd Fighter Group
The 352nd Fighter Group
361st Fighter Group
The 376th Bomb Group
The 381st Bomb Group (H) Heavy
392nd Bomb Group
445th Bomb Group
446th Bomb Group Image borrowed from the Mighty8th
448th Bomb Group  Museum Site
The 453rd Bomb Group  
The 457th Heavy Bombardment Group

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457th (Heavy) ("Wild Hare") Fireball Outfit/94th Wing 1st Div/748th Sq.  
The 463rd Heavy Bombardement Group

Women in World War II Links

The 466th Bombardment Group  
The 486th Bomb Group  
The 467th Bomb Group  
The 486th Bombardment Group Memorial Association Website  
489th Bomb Group  
492nd Bomb Group  
The 78th Fighter Group  
The 94th Bomb Group  
The 401st BG  
The 354th Fighter Group  
The 20th AAF