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2nd Lieutenant, Edward Temple Mueller, Pilot

Born: April 5, 1919  - MIA/KIA   December 22, 1943
379th, 524th Sq. - Crew 118
MEDALS: Purple Heart, Flying Cross, Air Medal, 2 Citations

"Once one has reached the Point of No Return -- Reality then Begins." 
Reality began and ended for Uncle Eddie and his crew on 12/22/43

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Personal Information

ID# 0-802000
MACR: 1718

Crew 118 from the 524th BS

- Plane B17F -  42-29724 - Code Letters LF-H
- A/C belonged to the 526th BS although the
   entire crew was from
the 524th BS
- A/C wore the nickname "Little Minnie"
- Arrived Kimbolton, England on or about November 1943
- Plane Ditched/North Sea - 12/22/1943
- 379th's 51st Mission 
Crew 118's 1st & Last Mission
- Target:  Osnabruck

Originally in the 466th Squad, 333rd Group (8/22/43) 

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Eddies'On the left, Pilot Gear





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Memorial Margraten,Netherlands


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