Some Gave Some and Some Gave All . . .
"They Gave their lives so that me may live in liberty and peace"
The Good Lord said it best, "There is no greater love, 
than that of a man who would lay down his life for another"

2nd, Lieutenant, Edward T. Mueller, PILOT
Lieutenant Baker of the CARRIE B. II
PILOT, George Rarey, 379th Fighter Squadron
SSGT, Fred S. Acomb, Crew 6268
S/Sgt Leroy E. "Babe" Leist, TG 418th Squadron, 100th BG, 8th AF
Sgt. Raymond G. Mears, 36 AAF Bomb Squadron "Unrecognized Hero"
1st Lt, John W. Wilson, (Pilot) 401st Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomber Group (H)
Frank G. Chaplick (Pilot) & Crew ~97th BG
In Memory:  Those Who Gave all from the 354th (Group History)

Mildred Eldridge Museum

Kenneth Cassens, Bombardier/Screwball Express, 1922-2001

Dr. Bill Fitzsimmons/Captain 409th/25 Combat Missions, 1923-1992

T/Sgt - T/Sgt. - Kenneth L. Erhard - USAF 8th Air Force 44th Bomb Group -67th Bomb Squadron

Lt. George W. Mears - Pilot - 511th Sq, 351st Bombardment Group /
94th Bombardment Wing, 1st Air Division of 8th Army Air Force

Tex Rankin - Pilot/Trainer of Pilots For War - His Legacy 50 Years Later

Major Richard Bong (Ace & Test Pilot) "America's Ace of Aces" 9/24/20 - 8/6/45

T/Sgt Howard A. Earney (ASN 36049891) (Radio) POW 4/17/43 . . Stalag 17B

S/Sgt.Phern Stout 379th Bomb Group 527th Bomb Squad -- POW -- Died 1971

1st Lieutenant, Thomas W. Mooney, III - PILOT
M/Sgt. Michael L. Arooth, Top Ranked Gunner Ace
Staff Sergeant, J. Andy Anderson, Chief of Squadron Intelligence
Harry Lewis
Captain Chuck Yeager World War 2 ace, shot down 11 German planes, including 2 Me-262 jets 


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