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Disclaimer: All the information provided here is solely the opinion of the author.A page for those of you with a pregnant hamster.

I'd like to begin by suggesting that you not breed your hamsters intentionally. There are really a lot of hamsters around and there are a lot of people already breeding them, some of them doing it just for fun, or because they think babies are cute and can earn them money.

I know a lot of you also go home with a pregnant hamster without realizing it, or didn't have your hamsters sexed properly. Due to all the above, I've been asked many times about hamster pregnancy and I must say that it is one of the most widely asked topics in many hamster forums and FAQs.

AND, guess what? There are so many things to say that this has to be split up into many pages.

 Oh dear, I think my hamster's pregnant
 how to tell
 the birth
 mother and babies
 time to go
 father and babies
 Rejection/fostering pups

 Special sections

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