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A hamstery?

This hamstery is that of Jillian Cutright (Happy Critter Hamstery). I've asked for her permission to use this picture because it shows quite clearly a house hamstery. She has used tanks for her hamsters and each has a water bottled and a wheel. Do you think you could house this many or more tanks at home?

Setting up a hamstery is unfortunately not easy to do here in Singapore, especially since there are no hamster shows or hamster clubs. This endeavor will also take up lots of time, space and money. Many of the hamsters here are not show quality since they haven't been extensively bred for shows. Some varieties are also not readily available and may have to be imported to provide good breeding stock. This will be very costly and risky as many animals do not fare well on long journeys. 

Perhaps in the future there will be club where one can share information and participate in member activities. We presently share information through tusmc_hamsters and I invite you to join us!

There was also a hamster show that we know of. Do check out one of the winners in Hamster Introduction.

If you have a picture of your hamstery you'd like to share with us, please send it in to me!

See also introduction to hamsters and genetics

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