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Mother and babies

I admire hamster mothers, instinctively, from first pregnancy, knowing how to take care of a brood of hamsters. I thus, do not approve when people say that hamster mother are murderers and commit infanticide as they fancy, and because they "like it". Hamster mothers, by instinct, find food, hide and by instinct, take care of their babies. If we say they are cruel, we might be granting a higher consciousness than they actually posess, for I'm sure that they do not scheme. I'm impressed with them because, as a human, I doubt we'd be as sucessful as they are in rearing young.

If you have a hamster mother picture to contribute, please do.

Mother robo with babies hanging on at the back as she goes to eat
Mother robo carrying babies home, with two babies also at the back
Mother robo retrieves her wandering babies back into shelter
Mother with newborns
Mother hamster taking a break
Mother grooming her babies
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