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 FAQ: Can we foster the babies ourselves?

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The mother is in charge of everything and it is not neccessary for you to give her a hand. There are actually very few circumstances where you are faced with having to foster the babies. This could be perhaps due to the fact that the mother is ignoring them or has died. Don't attempt to foster them unless you are sure the mother is not taking care of them in cases like this. Sometimes, the mother will put the babies aside in different corners and may ignore them for a while but she will go back to feed them.

It is very hard to foster the babies and before their eyes are open, this is almost impossible. This is quite an uncertain art so if you've successfully fostered any hamster babies below the age of 1-2 weeks, please do write us so we can share the information on this site with the rest of the readers. I know many of you are interested as I've recieved many inquiries as to whether this is possible. I do know from the Syrian history, that pups before the age of 2 weeks were fostered successfully. If you are planning to try to raise the pups, you will need to be next to them continually. The temperature and the amount of water they recieve is critical.

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