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The pups are ready to leave their mother at 21 days of age but can stay with her until they are four weeks old. After that, you must give them each a separate home if they are syrians. The mother will start getting tired of her pups and may bite them to chase them away. Unfortunately, in the cage, they have nowhere to go and can be injured. If they try to suckle, they might injure the mother with their teeth. In extreme cases, littermates may kill one another or the mother may turn to cannibalism. Dwarf hamsters are said to be social and in most cases can be kept together. However, avoid over crowding, give them lots of space and keep them apart if fierce fighting ensues.

Sexing the babies
Try and sex the babies properly so that the new owners do not get an unexpected litter. Robos are especially hard to sex and it gets more difficult, not easier as they grow older and their fur grows out. However, in adulthood, the males will be more easily recognised.

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