RAP - HIP-HOP                                                                               

FEATURED ARTIST: The PlaneJane ("Bullshit")

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FEATURED ARTIST: Dew Dirty (St.Louis, 64 Bars, On Errthang)

Find him on Myspace @ 4dewdirty

To contact Dew Dirty: email migz@13SRadio.com

FEATURED ARTIST: Nick Carter Green (Don't Wanna Lose)Visit NickCarterGreen.Com and follow him @NickCarterGreen on Twitter

METAL - ROCK - ALTERNATIVE                                                   

FEATURED ARTIST: Breaking the Deceiver ("The Affair")

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                       FEATURED ARTIST: JUST LIKE THIEVES ("The Alibi")

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Hailing from Hollywood, Ca - Just Like Thieves is sexy Rock and Roll, combining driving guitar riffs, catchy hooks and powerful melodies which is featured on their debut EP Lovers,Liars, & Thieves (produced by Dave Lombardo of Slayer). Just Like Thieves music lives up to the Hollywood lifestyle of partying,and living life to the fullest. In such a short time the band has created a buzz and internet hype grabbing the attention of many. While being younger in a music scene that is over saturated with Hardcore,Electro and Pop bands Just Like Thieves has chosen a rock and roll foundation and are determined to takeover and own the music scene. Make sure to keep an eye out for
Just Like Thieves.