Of Claws and Dogtags

The man with no past and the woman with untouchable skin.... You can't get better fic fodder than that. And since I can't seem to leave well enough alone, I just had to sink my claws into it!

So, without any futher ado, here are my fics!

Short Stories

Men Are Such Babies!
Shinin' Armor, Mah Ass!
Company on the Outside
Long Winding Road
Don't Mess With Marie
458 25 243
It Happened One Afternoon
I Ain't No Savage
Black Lines
In My Head
Splintered Metal
Nothing Keeping Me Away
Memory Rebound
From Beyond
My seemingly endless saga....
Real Life Adventures

And, to go along with it....

Real Life Interludes

Now, prepare yourselves for the most frightening part that you will find on this site. It's a dangerous area so try not to wander off.... There's no guaranteeing you'll be able to come back alive....

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