I Ain't No Savage

Creed produces a tell-all video to show what fanfic author's tend to get wrong about him. Inspired by an Round Robin on DDFH.

“Betcha thought I was too stupid to work this thing,” Creed’s voice says from somewhere off camera as the picture came into focus. There wasn’t that much that could be seen in the dimly lit room. A bed, a nightstand and a chair. “That I know shit all. Well it’s time to see just how wrong you are.”

Suddenly Creed appeared in front of the camera, walking towards the chair. He spun it around and swung his leg over the seat so that he was sitting on it backwards, facing the camera.

“See, contrary to popular belief, I do have some functioning brain cells,” Creed said to the camera, his smile looking more like a snarl. “Those bastards didn’t blow them all to kingdom come when they rearranged my insides. The runt’s the one with the scrambled brains. I got outta there with my memories all intact, thankyouverymuch. That’s why I went back and killed all the assholes that tried to “enhance” me.”

Creed snorted, a sudden thought passing through his mind. “The runt still thinks he escaped on his own. Fuck that! I let his sorry ass outta that tank they had him swimmin’ in. Without me he’d still be their fuckin’ guinea pig.... If I hadn’t killed them all, that is. That’s why the runt can’t find out anything about his past. I. Destroyed. It. All. Burned all the complexes to the ground with the info-- and the good doctors --still inside.” Glaring, Creed pointed at the camera, “But that don’t mean I’m some fuckin’ maniac. No, I let ‘em burn ‘cause that’s what they deserved. They fucked with and killed all sorts of people just ‘cause they happened to be born different. I ain’t gonna let that happen.”

Calming down some, Creed crossed his arms on the back of the chair, leaning forward slightly. “Back to the whole mindless idiot thing. That ain’t me. Sure I may ‘ave looked like some big brute when Mags was loading the runt’s little bitch into that machine of his, but I knew what was going on the whole time. Only reason I looked so vacant was ‘cause I didn’t much like what Mags had planned for the kid. Sure I wanted all those fuckers to pay for what happened to me, but that didn’t mean I wanted another innocent mutant to get hurt. No way. So I just distanced myself from it all. Kept myself from thinking about it so I could do what I needed to do.”

The door to the room burst open somewhere off camera and Creed winced.

“Victor, what are you doing?” Mystique asked, striding directly in front of the camera so that all that could be seen was the blue skin that made up the small of her back. “The wall can not be that interesting.”

“It’s more interesting that you’d realize. There’s a very zen-like quality to it,” Creed told her, the smirk obvious in his voice. “Now get the hell outta here, bitch. I was enjoying the solitude.”

“Well if you get bored, I’ll be in my room,” Mystique drawled, heading off camera once again.

When the door slammed shut, Creed shuddered, his face scrunching up in disgust. He turned his attention back towards the camera, the glare firmly entrenched on his features.

“Okay, whoever’s brilliant idea it was to stick me with the Blue Bitch is fuckin’ mental. She’s nothing but a slut and I wouldn’t even touch her with a hundred foot pole. Not happening,” Creed all but snarled. He relaxed then, the massive shoulders sagging. “Oh, and for the record, the runt’s little bitch ain’t my kid. Yeah she’s the Blue Bitch’s kid, but she ain’t mine. The Blue Bitch has fucked so many men that she probably doesn’t even know who the proud papa is.

“I also ain’t no mindless savage who attacks on a whim. I ain’t gonna charge Xavier’s mansion and beat up defenseless women for no reason,” Creed stated emphatically. “Hell, I wouldn’t even do that if someone paid me. I also don’t rape women. The only ones who end up in my bed are the ones who wanna be there. Get that? I don’t rape women. When I’m with a woman I am a perfect gentleman. Shocking as it sounds, it’s the truth. I treat women like they should be treated: like living goddesses....”

Creed paused, cocking his head to the side. “Yeah, I think that’s about it. You just make sure you remember all that, kiddies.”

Standing up, Creed stalked over to the camera. He leaned over it then the picture went black once again.

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