Welcome to the Online Boji Blabber, the internet home for MinneBoji Lutheran Camp. Minneboji Lutheran Camp is for students, primarily from Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations in South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota, who have completed grades 4 through 9. Camp Minne-Boji is a summer camp located at Camp Okoboji Lutheran Camp on beautiful Lake Okoboji, Iowa. It was established in 1949. For more information on the camp, click on the CAMP INFORMATION box on the main page. We are the official authorized website of Camp Minn-Boji.

For those of you who are new to Camp Minn-Boji, you are probably wondering-- what is the "Boji Blabber"? The Boji Blabber is the camp's daily newsletter. It provides campers, counselors, & staff with information, schedules, & fun tidbits throughout the week. Originally called the "Minne-boji Minutes", it was renamed the BOJI BLABBER in 1968 and has been a camp mainstay ever since. When these webpages were established in 2001, calling it the ONLINE BOJI BLABBER seemed to be a natural fit.

Just about everything you need or would ever want to know about our camp is available here on the website. You can feel free to look around the site yourself, but just in case you are new to the whole internet thing & need some help, in the area below, we have provided a guide of the website to help you navigate around & find what you may be looking for.

Let us know your feelings about the site or the camp by emailing us with your comments. We always look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for stopping by & God's blessings to you.

Davyd Titze
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Hello again & welcome to our tour of our camp - ONLINE!

The most important page is our "Camp Information" page. You can find it, as well as links to most all our pages, by clicking on the link-box of the same name located on the Main Page. The Camp Information page includes all the info that you will need to learn about Camp Minne-Boji for the upcoming summer. From registration info, to dates & times, camp rules, cost, staff, what to bring, & more. Click on the box below to get there right now.

Next we have our "News & Announcements" page. Just as the name says, this page provides you with regular updates about the website & the camp itself. Check in on this page often.

Come time that registration rolls around, you will be needing the Camp Minne-Boji Registration forms and Health forms to download, fill out & mail in. These are all found here on the "Registration Page".

To get a hold of us about anything you ever need to know, please contact us. Address', phone numbers, and emails are all found on our "Contact Information" page.

It may be filled with a lot of "old stuff", but our "Camp History & Fun Facts" page is actually our newest page on the website. Filled with great facts & fun items about the camp's history, this page is fun for all. Lists of former camp themes & many tidbits are there for your enterteinment.

Another site favorite is our "Photo Gallery" page. Our very own camp photo album. Whether you want to see what camp is like or want to remember good times, the pictures do a great of doing both. Contributions are always welcome.

These campers have gone the extra mile to show their Christian attitude to their fellow campers. We honor them in our "Camp Awards" page. From the coveted clean cabin awards to our VERY SPECIAL, "Spirit of Okoboji" award winners.

Along side Camp Minn-Boji every year, we also run the Camp Minne-Boji Honors Camp. For more information, see the "Honors Camp" page.

When it gets to be time to get to camp, an important page to look up is the "Camp Directions" page. Including maps & directions of how to find us, this page is a great resource.

And finally, the last page on our list is our "Links" page. This page contains links to other, non-camp related websites. Many of these sites are great sources for Christian information, music, and news. Whether to visit these sites is your decision as we have no control over the content of those sites.

We hope this information makes it easier to find your way around our site. Have fun & we look forward to seeing you all at Minne-Boji Lutheran Camp.

AND, as always,
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