I've been a Schenker fanatic since hearing UFO albums in the late 70's. The subsequent MSG albums cemented my devotion to the mad axeman. All through the 80's and 90's, MSG albums were greeted with anticipation and reverance, spending hours blasting through my home and car stereo speakers. Now Michael rawks the new century still krankin' out the guitar work that never compromises and still amazes his fans and critics.

2013 Michael is touring Europe with Wayne Findlay on keyboards/guitar, Doogie White on vocals. Francis Buchholz playing bass and Herman Rarebell on drums. Known as the "Lovedrive Reunion Tour", a video from that tour can be seen below:

2012 saw the release of Michael Schenker - "Temple of Rock "
on CD, DVD, and Blue-Ray Video.

MSG had a sucessful tour of the world in 2010 to promote MSG's 30th anniversary and MSG's last album "In The Midst Of Beauty", which reunited Michael with classic MSG singer Gary Barden! The U.S. leg featured the legendary Carmine Appice on drums. The everpresent rocker, Wayne Findlay, still holds down the keyboard and guitar spot. Check YouTube for many fan filmed highlights of this tour. The MSG show in Tokyo was filmed and released on DVD and Blu-Ray, titled MSG's 30th Anniversary Concert. Gary and Michael also released an outstanding acoustic album called "Gypsy Lady" in 2010.

The Marshall “11” award—given to those artists and musicians who represent rock ’n’ roll excess and livin’ on the edge – went to German rock guitarist Michael Schenker, whose fame as a founding member of The Scorpions and later the lead guitar player for UFO has given him universal recognition as one of the most legendary figures in metal guitar. (Classic Rock Magazine)

The March 2004 issue of Guitar World lists the 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists and Michael Schenker stands in at number 22 for his work with SCORPIONS, UFO, & MSG. Michael released "Endless Jam 2", in 2005 and also "Michael Schenker and Heavy Hitters", an all-star lineup of musicians based around Michael Schenker on guitar playing renditions of classic songs. That CD is now out and is very good. As if that is not enough, Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends, which features Michael's playing, have released a second CD with songs from the infamous Woodstock era. Michael also teamed up with former MSG singer Robin McAuley for an Iron Maiden tribute CD, doing a cover of "Run to the Hills". And again Michael plays on two tracks from a japanese video game soundtrack called "Heavy Metal Thunder".

Tales of Rock N Roll
25 Years of MSG

Release date April 28, 2006

  • The Ride
  • Setting Sun
  • Angel of Avalon (Leif Sundin)
  • Dreams Inside (Chris Logan)
  • Dust to Dust
  • Voice of My Heart
  • Journey Man
  • Big Deal (Kelly Keeling)
  • St. Ann
  • Shadow Lady
  • Love Trade
  • Human Child
  • Bitter Sweet
  • Blind Alley
  • Freedom
  • Life Vacation (Gary Barden)
  • Rock N' Roll (Graham Bonnet)
  • Tell a Story (Robin McAuley)
  • Life Goes On (Instrumental)

Jari Tiura on all vocals except where noted.

The new release of "Michael Schenker Story" tour on DVD is available. It was available on VHS years ago from Michael's fan club direct. Bonus footage on the DVD is "bootleg" video of The Unforgiven World tour in 2000 that also was available from Michael. The 5.1 surround sound DVD runs 236 minutes [that's almost 4 hours!] and has over 40 songs from throughout Michael's career. I have both of these on VHS and this release on DVD will be welcome by Schenker fans. Now if we could only get some classic live UFO footage ...???

Other future plans and tour dates are mentioned on Ritchie's site and Michaels official website -

Check it out, very nice.

Michael Schenker Group DVDs

Instructional DVD
Learn How to play like Michael!
Great to Watch!

World Wide Live 2004

Live In Tokyo 1997

- See Ritchie's site for the latest tour dates -

    The Michael Schenker Group
    The Michael Schenker Group MSG
    One Night at Budokan
    Assault Attack
    Built to Destroy
    Rock Will Never Die
    Perfect Timming
    Save Yourself
    Unplugged Live
    Michael Schenker Anthology
    Essential Michael Schenker Group
    BBC Radio One Live in Concert
    Thank You
    Thank You w/orchestra
    Written in the Sand
    The Michael Schenker Story Live
    The Unforgiven
    Unforgiven Tour Live
    Adventures of the Imagination
    MS 2000 - Dreams and Expressions
    The Odd Trio
    Anthology: 74-84
    Be Aware Of Scorpions
    Thank You 2
    Thank You 3
    Reactivate Live [4 cds]
    Back To Attack Live [4 cds]
    Thank You 4
    Heavy Hitters
    Tales Of Rock N' Roll
    In The Midst Of Beauty
    Gypsy Lady
    MSG 30th Anniversary Concert Live in Japan
    Temple Of Rock
    Temple Of Rock - Live in Europe
    Bridge The Gap
Many, many best of and bootlegs are available

Other Schenker albums:

SCORPIONS - Lonesome Crow (1972)
UFO - Phenomenon; Force It; No Heavy Petting; (73-75)
UFO - Lights Out; Obsession; Strangers in the Night; (76-79)
SCORPIONS - Lovedrive (1979)
UFO - Walk on Water (1995) Covenant (2000)
UFO - Sharks (2002)
Uli Roth - Legends of Rock [live] (2002)
The PLOT - featuring Michael & Pete Way (2003)
UFO - Live On Earth [4 cds](2003)
Schugar/Schenker Project (2003)
Schenker-Pattison Summit The Endless Jam (2004)
Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends featuring Michael and others (2004)
Schenker-Pattison Summit The Endless Jam Continues(2005)
Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends - Woodstock featuring Michael and others (2005)


Michael Schenker Himself
Ritchie's Schenker news

Michael Schenker began his career with his brother Rudolph and the Scorpions while in his mid-teens and shortly thereafter was spotted by English group UFO and was asked to join them for their first Chrysalis record, Phenomenon. Phenomenon allowed Michael's maverick guitar work and songwriting to be exposed to hard rock fans around the world and Schenker was quickly heralded as "the new guitar hero." His initial stint with UFO spawned 6 albums and related tours, culminating in 1979 with the world renowned live record, "Strangers in The Night" which catapulted Schenker to international guitar superstar status and yielded offers for a solo career.
Leaving UFO, Schenker appeared with the Scorpions on their "Lovedrive" album before going solo and completing the album "MSG" in 1980, Schenker continued to tour and build a reputation and "MSG," the Michael Schenker Group, centered on Michael's creative direction that ran five years and produced five successful records.
At this juncture of his career, Schenker took a little bit of time off and returned with Singer/instrumentalist Robin McAuley with whom he recorded several more mainstream hardrock records under the name "McAuley-Schenker Group" through the remainder of the 80's and into the 90's.
After his productive run with "McAuley-Schenker Group" Michael took some much deserved time off and, among other things, further contemplated his spirituality which inspired him to record the first of the acoustic, instrumental "Thank You" series as a gesture of thanks to his creator and his friends and fans that had supported his music through the years.
As with all great groups, demand in the marketplace for Michael to return to UFO grew and Michael and the group reunited in the 90's and delivered the critically acclaimed record, "Walk On Water" in 1995. The resulting successful tours proved that the group hadn't lost their genius, energy, nor their fans. But unfortunately, Schenker and the group were also reminded of the stress that working together brought on and they once again, despite the protest and dismay of their fans, disbanded.
From the end of the 90's through the present, Michael has stayed productive with a variety of solo projects and MSG records/tours and has just released "Arachnophobiac." "Arachnophobiac" has been heralded by the critics as an MSG record containing the perfect combination of hard-riffing, melodic Schenker songwriting and stellar guitar work. "Arachnophobiac" marks the return of "Beware of Scorpions" singer Chris Logan to MSG, supported by an all-star cast including Stu Hamm (Steve, Vai, Joe Satriani) on bass and Jeremy Colson (Steve Vai, Marty Friedman) on drums and also features a few guest solos from Nightranger's renowned, Jeff Watson.
- from MSG management website


newsletter from 1993-1998!
Volume 1 May 1993

Volume 2 April 1994

Volume 3 & 4 Oct 1996

Volume 5 Oct 1998

Volume 6
coming someday!

Review of MSG album: Be Aware Of Scorpions!

Review of 1982's "Live At Budokan"

1983 KERRANG! Interview with Michael on the press and Built to Destroy remix.

1982 Interview with Michael on release of Assault Attack.

1988 GUITAR Interview with Michael about McAuley/Schenker Group.

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