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   St. Raphael Press, named for St. Raphael of Brooklyn, produces Orthodox music from the Slavic Orthodox tradition. Please feel free to contact me at the below address with any questions, concerns or comments.


March 7, 2005

January 3, 2005 (had trouble, but these work now)

Sept. 5 - Prophet Zechariah, Righteous Elizabeth, Parents of the Forerunner

  • 1st Three Stichera on Lord I Call, You have given a sign (Valaam w/ ison)
  • 2nd Three Stichera on Lord I Call, Joy of the Heavenly Hosts (Obikhod)
  • Festal Doxastikon on Lord I Call (Grt Znam w/ ison: composition original to this publisher)
  • Stichera at Litia, Tone 6 (Obikhod)
  • Stichera on Aposticha, Tone 1 (Obikhod)
  • Tropar, Tone 2 (Obikhod)
  • Magnification (Obikhod)
  • Matins Prokeimenon (Obikhod)
  • Kontak on 3rd Ode, Tone 3 Today the Virgin (DS Bortnianskii)
  • Kontak on 6th Ode, Tone 4 (Obikhod)
  • Liturgy Prokeimenon (Obikhod)
  • Communion Hymn (DS Bortnianskii)

Note: from this point, for the sake of simplified webpage editing, all music will be listed under a single directory, eliminating separate directories for chant genres. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The chant genre will continue to be listed on both the music itself and within the directory.

 Next Two Weeks (NS) of Variable Music

 Jan. 6. - Theophany

 Jan. 10. - Venerable Paul of Obnora

  • Tropar - Lesser Znamenny Chant

 Jan. 16. - Chains of the Apostle Peter

 Jan. 17. - Ven. Anthony the Great

  • Great Vespers - Aposticha, Tone 5 Rejoice - Valaam Chant
  • Orthros - Praises, Tone 8 Glorious Wonder - Znamenny Chant


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Copyright note: effective October 23, 2002, all music publications of St. Raphael Press are in the public domain. Any books or digital music publications that were previously marked as copyrighted may be freely copied and distributed both on their own or in other publications.