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Printed Materials of St. Raphael Press

St. Raphael Press is a liturgical music ministry. We do not charge for our printed music. We ask that you make a donation, if possible, to help underwrite our expenses.

Currently Available for Shipment:

Troparia of the Great Saints of the Church

(Russian Plain Chant, and some others) This 80-page, spiral-bound book (8.5"x11") contains 64 troparia and their 8 Resurrectional Theotokia (Table of Contents). Most are in 4-part SATB format. To our knowledge, these basic troparia have not appeared elsewhere in a single publication. Other styles of chant included here are Byzantine (monophonic), Carpatho-Rusyn, Znamenny, Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Forthcoming publications

Close to completion is a guide to singing the Lord I Call in Znamenny Chant; this book should be available sometime near Pascha 2003. Further down the road, we are arranging in English the Solovki Resurrectional Oktoikos from the 18th Century. Please feel free to contact us about sponsoring one of these projects.

Printed Collections of materials will also allow us to take music off the web and make room for new materials there.

Mailing Address for Donations and Requesting Materials

You may write to this address to either request materials or make a donation. Please be sure to include a phone number and snail mail in all correspondence. You may inquire about this printed materials program by e-mail, but all formal requests should come through snail mail:

St. Raphael Press
c/o The Moulton Family
JJ-315 Coventry Manor
Lawrence KS 66049 USA

Please make all checks payable to "Christian Moulton." If you are sending from outside the USA, please send a cashier's check or money order, payable in US dollars; otherwise, the conversion costs and time expended trying to get the money actually deplete the value of your donation.

Currently, your donations are NOT tax-deductible, but they are to the glory of God and His saints.