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Medical Transcription Schools, Career and Training

Transcriptionist Career, Distance Learning Centers, Online Training Courses, Medical Billing Courses, Home Transcription Training

Here are some great informations about medical transcription schools, career and training. If you have further comments or questions about this page or you know of a great web site you'd like to see posted here, use the submission form provided at bottom of this page.

Medical Transcription Schools, Career and Training

Try Medical Transcription before investing in training and guide to choosing the right training.
CanScribe Career Centre
Canada's Online Medical Transcription School
MTACC - Online, interactive and self-paced MT training
All reference books included along with in-depth FTP, computer, Internet and MS Word training. Over 900 hours of transcription practice available! Also job placement and much, much more.
Medical Transcription Online Training
Offers information on medical transcription distance education and step by step home study learning guides.
Providing transcription training and helping to build successful Medical Transcriptionists.
JEBCO Transcription Training
The JEBCO method of independent study for transcription.
Career Step
MT training and education for those who want study by traditional correspondence, or take the online course
Home-based distance learning transcription program.
Laird's School of MT
Offering at home transcription school distance learning since 1980.
Medical Transcription Getting Started
Information on schools, books, software, getting a job/contract, small business tax information, medical transcription notes not found in textbooks according to AAMT.
Health Professions Institute -HPI
MT Training and Reference Book Publisher
MT Support Services, Inc.
Transcription and medical billing distance training programs
Provides seminars, on-site training, and resources (book, workbook, and CD) for medical transcriptionists
Work From Home Directory
Medical Transcription Courses - Reviews and MT Jobs Online
The Knowledge Base
Dictaphone Training and Educational Consulting


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