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Medical Transcription Dictionary and Abbreviations

Medical Dictionary, Definitions, Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms, Transcription Books, Medical Terms

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Medical Dictionary

XTerm Medical Dictionary
A quick reliable reference tool. The database contains a constantly changing number of classical and contemporary medical terms. download it from their server.
Medical dictionary online, medical terms and definitions.
Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary Search Engine
providing definitions and descriptions of terms relating to medical conditions, procedures, diseases and conditions.
Dictionaries with definitions, spell checkers for Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.
Stedman's Medical Dictionaries
Stedman's Medical Dictionaries, Word Books, Spellcheckers, and Other Resources

Medical Abbreviations

Pharmaceutical & medical abbreviations dictionary, transcription & medical searches.
DMD, Inc. Medical Abbreviations Glossary
Reference guide for medical and dental abbreviations
Abbreviations for Diagnostic & Laboratory Tests


Acronym Finder
Largest searchable database of acronyms and abbreviations, containing over 291,000 definitions.

Medical Transcription Books

Books for MTs
Medical books information, resources and practical advice.
Medical Transcription Getting Started
Information on schools, books, software, getting a job/contract, small business tax information, medical transcription notes not found in textbooks according to AAMT.
Books on Medical Transcription
Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
New & Used Books and Textbooks

Medical Terms

Glossary of terms and acronym expansions
For perfusion technology, open-heart surgery and cardiology
Cancer Medications and Chemotherapy Terms
Doctor produced healthcare information to make informed decisions about your health concerns.
Radiology Terms - (Text file)
AIDS Terms - (Text file)
New and elusive medical words
Cardiac Medications
Most common names

Grammar, Spell check

Basic grammar
Basic grammar - Writing and english skills from the Department of Journalism
Grammar Slammer
Online demo of Grammar Slammer--Answers for all your English Grammar questions online
Test your medical spelling aptitude
Medical Spell Checker 1.0
Medical terminology spelling reference tool. It's free
Free Online Spell Checker, copy and paste your word or whole document to our site to check and correct it online


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