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Medical Transcription Resources

Medical Transcription Software, Equipments, Services, Jobs, Training Schools, Medical Dictionary, Abbreviations, Acronyms

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Medical Transcription Resources
Open Community for the Medical Transcription Industry Free Forums: Jobs, Companies, Equipment
MT Desk
Providing information on transcription, related books, word lists, drugs, devices and more.
MT Daily
Providing resources on medical terminology, references, sample reports, new terms, drugs and community of MTs.
MTbot - Medical Transcriptionist Search Engine
Search engine which indexes medical transcription sites, medical glossaries, and sample medical transcription reports.
Hynes' Sight Medical Transcription Resource Page
MT Monthly
MT monthly newsletter and review of systems school of medical transcription
Providing medical coding and billing courses and sells courses transcribers headsets, foot pedals and WAVpedal.
MT India
Resource and networking center for transcription in India.
Articles and resources on transcription.
MedWord List
Medical, health and science directory
Find a Doctor using The Doctor Directory's Physician Directory and Doctor Search
Expert HIPAA Compliance Solutions
HIPAA compliance tools for employers and health care providers
MT Resources
Resources to medical transcriptionists often need.
Resources for Work-At-Home Transcriptionists


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