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Medical Transcription Software

Dictation Software, Medical Spell Checkers, Voice Recognition Software, Workflow Management System, Line Counters

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Medical Transcription Software

V800 and V-Safes
Digital Call-in and file storage. Share and Receive files for less than $5 a month.
Transcription Galaxy
D-List consolidates contact info. for doctors, hospitals, etc. into one user-friendly program.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Transcription Software
Nationwide reseller of Dragon and related products. A full service medical consultant.
Complete digital dictation / transcription / workflow management and communication system in one.
Electronic Medical Record
OmniMD Electronic Medical Record Software for Clinical Practices in US.
Sylvan Software
Software and utilities including medical spell checkers and line counters
Voice Transcription
Providing software products such as Voice Recognition Software and Document Management
Precision Data Solutions
Transcription software and voice equipment for the health industry
Express Scribe
Transcription Playback Software
Provox Technologies
Voice recognition software for physicians using speech recognition
Voice recognition, dictation and MT software.
MTQA Tracker
Quality assurance software for medical transcription.
Workflow Management
Southern Technologies, a subsidiary of Southern Management Consultants.
Emdat Complete
Providing subscription based software, Dictation and Transcription ASP that allows transcription companies and medical facilities.
Instant Text
The text expander, automatic glossaries, abbreviations and phrase continuations. Download demo version
MPCount from
A counting tool that counts documents in MS Word format
Bytescribe WavPlayer
Allows you to listen sound files while controlling them with foot pedal.
SwiftText Word Expander
Allows you to type abbreviated codes that are automatically replaced with expanded text.
Fast, compatible, and simple to use with most Windows applications. Download demo
Provider of Medical Office Software, online solution for medical transcription
Shorthand for Windows
Document preparation tool that works on top of existing Windows applications.


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