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Medical Transcription Jobs, Software and Companies

Equipment, Billing Services, MT Jobs, Schools, Training Centers, Dictionary, Medical Transcription Services, Abbreviations
This page includes relevant transcribing links and information related MT field. Please check out the links below for a more in depth look into helpful Medical Transcription related pages.

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Medical Transcription Resources and Links

Transcription Equipment

See the list of companies providing equipment like Foot Pedals for transcriptionists, Digital Players / Recorders, Microcassette Transcriber, Headsets for transcribers etc.


MT Training / Career / Schools

Get the information on transcription schools, transcriptionist training services, online certificate courses, work at home and transcription billing courses.

Transcription Services

Get the companies of speech file training services, Telephone dictation, offshore services, HIPAA compliant and voice dictation services to hospitals, physician offices and clinics.


Dictionary, Abbreviations, Books

Details on web sites providing Dictionary, transcription terms and Acronyms, Abbreviations, Online Spell Checker, MT Books.

Transcribing Software

Companies providing transcription software like Voice Recognition, digital recording, document management, workflow management, voice player, spell checker and EMR software.


MT Resources

Get details from other sites offering sample dictation / reports, MT news, directory and transcriptionist resources.

Medical Transcription Jobs

List of companies providing transcriptionist jobs, searching jobs, resume posting and work at home details.


Other Great Reference Links

Explore other resources like Prescriptions, Drug information and Pharmacies that helpful to transcribers.


Find a Doctor

Some Free Stuff

•  AMA Online Doctor Finder
•  Find an Allergy or Asthma Specialist
•  Find a Dermatologist
•  Find an Eating Disorder Specialist
•  Find a Pediatric Hematologist / Oncologist
•  Find a Pediatric Surgeon
•  Find a Pediatric Dentist
•  Find a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
•  Find an Endocrinologist
•  Find a Pediatric Gastroenterologist
•  Find A Pediatric Ophthalmologist
•  Find a Speech Language Pathologist
•  Locate a Doctor in US States
•  Sample Transcribed Documents
•  ZapNotes: Text editor
•  Find a Hospital
•  MediVoice: Dictation Software Demo
•  Guide to Grammar and Writing
•  Punctuation
•  Dermatologic Terminology
•  Street Terms database for Drugs
•  Digital Dictation 7.0.7
•  MediLexicon Medical PC Search Box 2.0
•  File Alert Monitor 1.0

MT Discussion Forums

MT Interesting Articles

•  MT Jobs Center
•  Wordperfect for MT Forum
•  MT Chat Message Center
•  MT Message Boards at Netscape
•  VoyForums: MT Facts and Fictions
•  M-TEC Message Forum
•  MT Breakroom
•  MT-Thoughtless
•  MT Stars - MT Companies
•  MT Stars - MT Equipment
•  MT Stars - New MTs
•  MT Stars - Job Seeker's

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•  Accu-Swift
•  Jester's Touch
•  XTerm Medical Dictionary
•  RxList
•  Telecommuting Jobs
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RxList - The Internet drug index and drug references to transcribers
RxList Drug Lookup

Largest acronym finder, a good resources to MT

Acronym or abbreviation to find:

Good resources for searching drug names, search for a medicine name

Health directory: Search for a health related subject

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