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Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "L" Listing


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** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

L.A. Direction (Yarn Agency)
332 Bannantyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0E2
Tel (204) 944-1954, Fax 944-1973
Attn: Mr. D. Estein

L & E Sportswear Manufacturing
1818 3612 14th Avenue, North
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 6E7
Tel (403) 327-3767

L'Amour Hosiery
55 Louvain W, Suite #200
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1A4
Tel (514) 381-7687, Fax 382-3638

L.L. European
555 Richmond St. W, Suite #313
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1B1
Tel (416) 862-8379, Fax 861-1366
Attn: Mr. Harold Rubenstein

L.L. Lessard Chemises (Shirt Makers)
1195 Du Palais, C.P. 305
St-Joseph de Beauce, Quebec G0S 2V0
Tel (418) 397-5665, Fax 397-4202
Attn: Mr. Laurier Lessard

L M Sportswear Inc.
134 Park Lawn Road
Toronto, Ontario M8Y 3H9
Tel (416) 252-1982, Fax 252-8814
Attn: Leonie Tindall

Laces (Lace Trimmings)
9150 Park Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Z2
Tel (514) 384-2910, Fax 382-1305
Attn: General Manager

La Griffe Jeans
279 Sherbrooke West, Suite #205
Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y2
Tel (514) 842-8086, Fax 843-3175
Attn: Mr. Howard Teller

LaGran Canada (Textile Mills)
455, 19th Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8S 3R9
Tel (514) 639-0600, Fax 639-0614
Attn: Mr. E.C. Johnson

La Maison Des Pairs
555 Chabanel St.W, Suite 1200
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8
Tel (514) 382-1200, Fax 382-2066
Attn: Mr. Serge Ferron

L'Amour Hosiery
55 Louvain West, Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1A4
Tel (514) 381-7687, Fax 382-3638
Attn: Mr. Aaron Lieberman

La Quinta Fashions
610 8th Ave. S.W., Suite #400
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G5
Tel (403) 233-0515, Fax 237-7954
Attn: Ms Mary Ann Venini

La Saga Mode
64 de Bretagne
Saint Lambert, Quebec J4S 1A7
Tel (514) 923-2810, 671-3883
Attn: Ms Anne de Shalla

Lace Canada
9475 Meilleur Street
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C5
Tel (877) 384-3532, (514) 385-3532, Fax 385-3534
Attn: Noam Perez.

Ladea Import
433 Chabanel W, Suite #801
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J7
Tel (514) 384-8190, Fax 383-0384

Lady Dynasty Int'l
6637 Cote de Liesse
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1E5
Tel (514) 735-4385, 735-9033
Attn: Mr. Isodore Socaransky

Lady Manhattan of Canada
1185 Caledonia Road
Toronto, Ontario M6A 2X1
Tel (416) 785-4960, Fax 785-4966
Attn: Mr. Marshall Clavir

La Fleche Bros. Inc.
9835 63rd Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 0G7
Tel (403) 435-3456, Fax 438-9088
Attn: Mr. Leroy Lafleche

192 Spadina Ave., Suite #409
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2C2
Tel (416) 941-9241
Attn: Ms Gloria Anne Francis

Lana Lee Fashions
9400 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #301
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P3
Tel (514) 383-4422, Fax 384-6582
Attn: Mr. Saul Rose

Lance Lorents
18 Champlain Blvd.
Downsview, Ontario N3H 2Z1
Tel (416) 398-6059, Fax 398-6060
Attn: Emanuel Brawer

Lancel Import
9250 Meilleur St., Suite #201
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B2
Tel (514) 382-9880, Fax 382-8798
Attn: General Manager

Landes Canada Inc.
400 St-Vallier
Granby, Quebec J2G 7Y4
Tel (514) 378-9853, Fax 378-3361
Attn: General Manager

Language (Women's Wear Designer)
352- 15th Avenue
Laval des Rapides, Quebec H7N 1L4
Tel (514) 975-0922
Attn: Ms Kathleen Cloutier

Lantana by Tops N'Trends
20 Commander Blvd.
Scarborough, Ontario M1S 3L9
Tel (416) 291-1010, Fax 297-7080
Attn: Ms Louise Lecours

48 Riviera Drive
Markham, Ontario L3R 5M1
Tel (905) 477-0888, Fax 477-6095
Attn: Mr. Robert Pal

Las Americas Craft Importers
720 King St.W, Suite #424
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3
Tel (416) 364-5717, Fax 364-5673

Las Vegas
5686 Thimens
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2K9
Tel (514) 332-5202, Fax 332-0003
Attn: General Manager

Laura Jane's
707 14th St. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A4
Tel (403) 283-0282, Fax 283-1065
Attn: Ms Jane Cooper

Lauric Import
9250 Meilleur St.,Suite #102
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B2
Tel (514) 382-9112, Fax 382-0960
Attn: Mr. Max Berdugo

Lavina Designs
625 Roselawn Ave., Suite #405
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1K7
Tel (416) 782-3578
Attn : Mr. M. Lavina

Lawrence Dress
225 Chabanel W, Suite #615
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 389-5877, Faz 389-9910
Attn: Mr. Saul Sklar

Le Clan
433 Chabanel W, Suite #900
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J8
Tel (514) 385-1000, Fax 385-9269
Attn: Mr. David Benetar

*Le Gang (Algo Group)
225 Chabanel W, Suite #600
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 382-1532, Fax 381-6452
Attn: Ms Antoinette Delvecchio

*Le Mans Manufacturing
350 Louvain West, Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E8
Tel (514) 383-1313, Fax 383-4373
Attn: Mr. Mel Adler

Le Groupe Vetements Yonkers Inc.
9250 Park Avenue, Suite #400
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Z2
Tel (514) 385-4440, Fax 385-3703
Attn: Mr. Leon Rosenberg

Le Mans
350 Louvain W,
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E8
Tel (514) 383-1313, Fax 383-4373
Attn: Mr. Mel Adler

Leighton Barret Couture Sport
4338 St. Denis
Montreal, Quebec H2J 2K8
Tel (514) 499-0044, Fax 499-8967
Attn: Mr. Leighton Barret

Les Creations Abeille Inc. (Pants/Jeans Makers)
434, 9th Street West
La Guadeloupe, Quebec G0M 1G0
Tel (418) 459-3566, Fax 459-6611
Attn: Mr. Rejean Pare

Les Creations JM Inc.
433 Chabanel W, Suite #904
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J8
Tel (514) 384-5304, Fax 384-7880

Les Creations Kendra Inc.
9600 Meilleur St, Suite #435
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 385-3722, Fax 385-5085
Attn: General Manager

After almost half a century in business on Feb/2/95, Irving Samuel Inc., Montreal's leading fashion houses finally closed its door for good due recession. Sam Workman formed Irving Samuel in 1947.

Les Importations Corine
552 Pascal
Repentigny, Quebec J6A 7G3
Tel (514) 581-3850, Fax 654-6491
Attn: Ms Chantal Thomas

Les Industries F.L.G.
9494 St. Lawrence Blvd., Suite 10th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P4
Tel (514) 384-7724, Fax 383-6534
Attn: Mr. Martin Lande

Les Industries Midway Ltd.
8170 Pie IX
Montreal, Quebec H1Z 3T6
Tel (514) 722-1122, Fax 729-2211
Attn: Mr. Gary Bromberg

Les Modes Jolibel Inc.
433 Chabanel Street West, Suite 503
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J5
Tel (514) 382-3195, Fax 382-3681
Attn: Ms Freda Stein

Les Modes Les Autres Inc.
433 Chabanel W, Suite 299
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J3
Tel (514) 385-9615, Fax 385-7988
Attn: Mr. Robert Brumer

Les Tissus Pelar Int'l
75 de Port Royal E., Suite #220
Montreal, Quebec H3L 3T1
Tel (514) 387-7316, Fax 387-9861
Attn: Mr. Jose Torres

Les Tricots d'Ariane
207 Laurier West
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2N9
Tel (514) 274-5479

Leslie Belle
333 Chabanel W, Suite #405
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E7
Tel (514) 387-3721, Fax 387-0187
Attn: Mr. Stanley Cohen

*Leslie Fay Collections (Pretty Group)
111 Chabanel W, Suite #301
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1E1
Tel (514) 389-8251
Attn: Mr. Stanley Kitman

Levi Strauss & Co.(Canada)
80 Allstate Parkway
Markham, Ontario L3R 8X6
Tel (416) 470-2777, Fax 470-4517
Attn: Mr. Gordon Shank

Lewis Fashion Dress
225 Chabanel W, Suite #417
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 381-7235, Fax 381-7236

Lida Baday
70 Claremont St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2H1
Tel (416) 536-5933
Attn: Ms Lida Baday

Liltex Design Ltd.
720 King St., West, Suite #211
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3
Tel (416) 364-3766, Fax 364-1357
Attn: Mr. George Turek

Limited Edition
130 Salisbury Drive
Denfield, Ontario N0M 1P0
Tel (519) 461-5254,1-800-461-5254, Fax 666-2429
Attn: Ms Linda Chiocki

Linda Lingerie
7101 Park Ave., Suite #601
Montreal, Quebec H3N 1X9
Tel (514) 273-1101, Fax 273-5248
Attn: Ms Linda Farha

Linda Lundstrom Ltd.
33 Mallard Road
Toronto, Ontario M3B 1S4
Tel (416) 391-2838, Fax 391-0788
Attn: Ms Linda Lundstrom

Lingerie Belimages Inc.
5800 St.Denis, Suite #603
Montreal, Quebec H3S 3L5
Tel (514) 948-3077, Fax 948-0901
Attn: Mr. Gregory McDonnell

Lingerie Gentle Fit Ltd.
8980 Pie IX Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H1Z 4H9
Tel (514) 322-0390, Fax 328-0897
Attn: Ellie Bedros

Lingerie Hago Inc
7070 St.Urbain Street, 6th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3H6
Tel (514) 276-2518, Fax 276-0806
Attn: Mr. Abraham Schlager

Lingerie Mademoiselle
6582 St. Hubert
Montreal, Quebec H2S 2M3
Tel (514) 271-9884

Lionel Victor
15 Mount Royal West, Suite #204
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2R9
Tel (514) 844-4181, Fax 844-1359
Attn: Mr. Lionel Victor

Little Emma
307 Dengarin-Hudon
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4N 1J1
Tel (514) 745-7253, Fax 745-0910
Attn: Ms Francine Gamashe

*Lisak Trading (Textile Converters/Agency)
9310 St. Lawrence Blvd., Suite 1120
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1N4
Tel (514) 383-6686, Fax 382-3180
Attn: Mr. Fred Tansky

Liz Claiborne Canada
5675 McLaughlin Road
Mississauga, Ontario LR5 3K5
Tel 905-568-2222 , Fax 568-2234
Attn: Mr. Richard Shaw

Loan & Sun Corp.
197 Spadina Ave. #509
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2C8
Tel (416) 598-4672
Attn: Mr. N. Loan

Lois Canada
400 Morse Parc Jean Talon N
Ste. Foy, Quebec G1N 4L4
Tel (418) 683-2201, 1-800-463-2104, Fax 683-1195
Attn: Mr. Denis Cote

Longhouse Fashions Inc.
3939 Grant Street
Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 3N4
Tel (604) 298-2512, Fax 298-3262
Attn: Mr. Werner Janak

Lony G
460 Richmond St., West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1Y1
Tel (416) 368-4886, Fax 368-4887
Attn: Mr. Kibe

*Lori Ann Manufacturing (Algo Group)
225 Chabanel W, Suite #1000
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 384-3960, Fax 387-9716
Attn: Mr. Eddie Wiltzer

Lotus Wear
P.O. Box 11323 Station H
Nepean, Ontario H2H 7V1
Tel (613) 347-2497, Fax 347-7440

Lov'Lee Made Lingerie Inc.
7755 St. Lawrence Blvd., 3rd Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2R 1X1
Tel (514) 271-2451, Fax 271-4054
Attn: Mr. Kenneth David

Lou Batten Inc.
1435 St. Alexander, Suite #700
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2G4
Tel (514) 845-3118
Attn: Lou Batten

Lou Myles Manufacturing
380 Millway
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 3V8
Tel (416) 738-6700, Fax 738-6749
Attn: Mr. Louis Cocomile

Louben Sportswear
5445 de Gaspe, Suite #1102
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B2
Tel (514) 273-2895, Fax 273-1284
Attn: Mr. Ave Schwam

Louise Feraud Canada
82 Peter St., Suite #205
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2G6
Tel (416) 597-8862, Fax 597-8689
Attn: Mr. A. Martin

Lu'Bel Industries Ltd.
7390 - 7th Avenue
Laval West, Quebec H7R 2Z9
Tel (514) 627-7565, 1-800-561-4828, Fax 627-7565
Attn: Mr. Guy Cloutier

Lubertex (Textile Converters)
5387 Rivard Street
Montreal, Quebec H2J 2P7
Tel (514) 273-4253, Fax 271-4291
Attn: Mr. William Luber

Lubian Pants & Shirts Manufacturing
353 Mong More St.
Willowdale, Ontario M2N 5B9
Tel (416) 226-4085

Lu-Say Creations
7250 Mile End, 3rd Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2R 2Z6
Tel (514) 277-2123, Fax 277-8241
Attn: Madame Lucille Guthrie

Luc Fontaine (Underwear/Body Suits)
1331-A, Ste. Catherine Est, Atelier 333
Montreal, Quebec H2L 2H4
Tel (514) 277-7976
Attn: Mr. Luc Fontaine

*Lucille Faucher Dresses
350 Louvain W, Suite #500
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E8
Tel (514) 382-2575, Fax 382-2579
Attn: Mr. Sonny York

Luden Canada
90 Beaubien St., West, Suite #301
Montreal, Quebec H2S 1V6
Tel (514) 272-5794, Fax 272-0988
Attn: Mr. Larry Linestsky

Luigi Gordoni
125 Chabanel St., West, Suite #302
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1E4
Tel (514) 383-0005, Fax 383-3450
Attn: Mr. Stanley Gordon

Lung Mei Trading
2181 Thurston Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4Z2
Tel (613) 737-4184, Fax 737-0652
Attn: Mr. Noel M. Lomer

Lyn Fashions
116 Orfus Road
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1L9
Tel (416) 784-3052, Fax 784-3708
Attn: Mr. Bill Kirsh

Lyn Leather
68 Fraser Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5K 16Y
Tel (416) 535-8143, Fax 535-4893
Attn: Ms Sybelle Witt

Lyne Leclerc Enr.(Women's Wear Designer)
33 Prince Street, Suite 240
Montreal, Quebec H3C 2M7
Tel (514) 866-9850, Fax 393-9246
Attn: Ms Lyne Leclerc


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