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So many restrictions has been amended on imports...sell your products and services directly to Canadian Buyers, here’s  our  Previous Issue of Canadian Fashion & Textile Buyers Guide, you can down load it for free but if you want  the NEW and  up-dated version  place your order now at a cost of US$50 per copy payable by money order or through PayPal, also don’t forget to inquire about the Industry Textile Book known as The Shmata Business, used world-wide as reference information on textile by manufacturers, designers, teachers and students, price US$50 per copy. Click here to send your order

Foreign Companies From Time To Time are sending requests  to provide them with Canadian sales people for representation in Canada, all inquiries are welcome and there is  No Service Fee To Pay, All Entries Are Treated Confidential, And Will never Be Used For Any Other Purposes Whatsoever.  For further inquiry on how to get listed in the sales team Contact The Executive Busters

Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "J" Listing


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Legends & Codes:
* ? Listed under another name
** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

J & E Classic Dresses Inc., Attn: Mr. Jack Ossof
5455 de Gaspe, Suite #702
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B3
Tel (514) 948-4848, Fax 948-4000

J.A. Martino Inc.
1470 Peel St. Suite #800
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T1
Tel (514) 843-5490, Fax 844-5924
Attn: Mr. J.A. Martino

J.B. Martin (Textile Converters)
445 St-Jacques
St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec J3B 2M1
Tel (514) 346-6853, Fax 363-9275
Attn: Mr. Gilbert Sonnery

J.D. Textiles (Converters)
340 West Cordova, Suite 707
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2V3
Tel (604) 685-9032, Fax 685-0817
Attn: Mr. David Parker

J.J. Knitting (Textile Knitting)
132 Jardin Drive, Suite 8
Concord, Ontario L4K 1X9
Tel (905) 669-5658
Attn: Mr. Jermi Hirchberg

J.J. Leatherworks
12 Upjohn Road
Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2V9
Tel 416) 445-2040, Fax 445-8607
Attn: Ms Ann Garlick

J.J. Orr
2097 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, Ontario L7R 1A4
Tel (905) 333-4432
Attn: Kacjie Franceschini

J.L. de Ball Canada (Textile Converters)
433 Chabanel West, Suite 1015
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J9
Tel (514) 381-4216, Fax 382-4709
Attn: Mr. Steven Bhereur

JMJ Creations Inc.
370 King Street West, Suite 316
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9
Tel (416) 340-2575, Fax 922-4965
Attn: Ms Josie Raag

J.M.L. Shirt Limited
12 Long Street
Edmundston, New Brunswick E3V 3H3
Tel (506) 735-1920, Fax 735-1927
Attn: Mr. Jean Marc Lafontaine

J.P. Doumak Textiles (Converters)
855 McCaffrey (
Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1N3
Tel (514) 342-9397, Fax 342-9475
Attn: Mr. March Chevrier, Darren Cook -

J.P. Hammil & Sons Ltd.
72 Farquhar Street
Guelph, Ontario N1H 3N3
Tel (519) 836-2581, Fax 836-2156
Attn: Mr. Bill Hammil

J.P. LaSalle (Garment Sales Agency)
P.O. Box 690, Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec H5A 1C7
Tel (514) 871-8442, Fax 871-4944
Attn: Mr. J.P. La Salle

J. R. Sportswear (T-Shirts/Sweatshirts)
6770 Davand Drive, Suite 35
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2G6
Tel (905) 564-6126, 1-800-263-6062, Fax 564-6129
Attn: Mr. D.S. Banwatt

*J.S. Group (Algo Group)
225 Chabanel W, Suite #1015
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 384-3551, Fax 384-6424
Attn: Mr. Sam Hops

Jack Cotton & Sons
370 King St.W, Suite #400
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9
Tel (416) 351-0101, Fax 351-0105

Jack Spratt Manufacturing
9880 Esplanade
Montreal, Quebec H3L 2X5
Tel (514) 382-1490, Fax 383-4432
Attn: Jack Kivenko

Jack Victor Ltd (Men's Suitings Manufacturer)
1250 St-Alexandre
Montreal, Quebec H3B 3H5
Tel (514) 866-4891
Attn: Herschel Victor

Jai Int'l Inc.
96 Spadina Ave, 3rd Flr
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2J6
Tel (416) 364-3278, Fax 364-2526
Attn: Mr. Stephen Szames

Jana & Co. Imports
1190 Homer St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2X6
Tel (604) 688-3657, Fax 688-2417
Attn: Mr. Jack Wolfe

Jandabar Fashions
5333 Casgrain, Suite #302
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X3
Tel (514) 274-7581, Fax 274-1991

Janor Imports
416 Maisonneuve W, Suite #312
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1L2
Tel (514) 288-7737, Fax 499-0957
Attn: Mr. Jacques Schoberg

Jantzen Canada
196 Kingsway
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3J3
Tel (604) 876-3344, 1-800-663-6140, Fax 875-1399
Attn: Robin L. Hafting

Jay-Gur Imports Inc.
8965 St.Lawrence Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1M5
Tel (514) 384-3872, Fax 384-7531
Attn: Mr. John Gurman

Jaytex of Canada
75 Dufflaw Road
Toronto, Ontario M6A 2W4
Tel (416) 785-1099, Fax 787-8563
Attn: Mr. Barry Revzen

Jayvee Marketing
9600 Meilleur St., Suite #930
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 384-9610, Fax 381-0083
Attn: Mr. Ramesh Bakshani

Jean-Pierre Lavallee
7620-22 St. Hubert
Montreal, Quebec H2R 2N6
Tel (514) 270-9386, Fax 273-0376
Attn: Mr. J.P. Lavallee

Jeanne Lottie's Fashion
70 Esna Park Dr., Unit 11
Markham, Ontario L3R 1E3
Attn: Mr. Anthony Ip     

Jeans Action B-54
555 Chabanel W, Suite #M-21
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H7
Tel (514) 858-6531, Fax 383-0229
Attn: Steve Lemaier

Jeffrey Rogers Fashions Canada
423 Mayor St., Suite #401
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K7
Tel (514) 842-0805, Fax 842-8790
Attn: Ms Carole Garber

Jelica's Knitwear
2670 W.Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2G3
Tel (604) 732-6133

971 St. Thimothee
Montreal, Quebec H2L 3N2
Tel (514) 849-5341, Fax 849-0280
Attn: Mr. Ron Robinson

Jeno Neuman et Fils
95 des Entreprises Blvd.
Boisbriand, Quebec J7G 2T1
Tel (514) 430-5901, Fax 430-0077
Attn: General Manager

Jeree Montier Fine Fashion Acces
555 Richmond St. West, Suite #210
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
Tel (416) 368-7609, Fax 368-3512
Attn: Ms Ellen Chan

Jeremy D. Imports
9333 St. Lawrence Blvd., Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P6
Tel (514) 385-3898, Fax 385-4704
Attn: General Manager

Jeric Fashions Group Inc.
225 Chabanel West, Suite 800
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 387-3781, Fax 387-5607

Jerico Sportswear (Active Wear)
500 Denison Street
Markham, Ontario L3R 2B9
Tel (905) 479-9505,800-465-6443, Fax 800-465-6230
Attn: Mr. Aziz Andani

Jesse Jeans
225 Chabanel W, Suite #800
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 387-3781, Fax 387-5607
Attn: General Manager

*Jeta Textiles (Converters)
9310 St. Lawrence Blvd., Suite 1120
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1N4
Tel (514) 383-6686, Fax 382-3180
Attn: Mr. Michael Chermack

Jez Creations
5333 Casgrain, Suite #601
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X6
Tel (514) 279-4547, Fax 279-6979
Attn: Zelko Jez

*JH Collections (Division of Algo)
225 Chabanel St.W, Suite #105
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 381-2322, Fax 382-0317
Attn: Ms Claudia Michaels

Jilly Originals Inc.
9494 St. Lawrence Blvd, Suite 600
Montreal, Quebec H2n 1P4
Tel (514) 384-7462, Fax 384-4163
Attn: Mr. Howard Morgan

Jimmiss Canada Inc.
5425 Casgrain St., Suite #502
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X6
Tel (514) 271-3133, Fax 271-2552
Attn: Mr. Robert Battah

Jimp-R Importations
4200 St.Lawrence Blvd, Suite #501
Montreal, Quebec H2W 2R2
Tel (514) 288-1213, Fax 288-2883

JMJ Fashions Inc.
365 Bannantyne Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0E5
Tel (204) 942-0252, Fax 943-5083
Attn: Zlueu Feldman

Joban Industries Inc.
225 Chabanel West, Suite #610
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 389-5904, Fax 389-4046

Joelles Imports
111 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2R1
Tel (416) 941-9607, Fax 867-1885
Attn: Lee Schwenk

John Francis Footprints
130 Industrial Rd.
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 2Y3
Tel (416) 884-5171, Fax 884-3481
Attn: Mr. John Francis

Jon Elliot Inc.
9320 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite #308
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1N7
Tel (514) 384-6770, Fax 384-3383
Attn: Jon Wasserman

Jonah Apparel Group (Uniforms)
823 Clark Drive, 3rd Floor
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3J6
Tel (604) 251-7111, 1-800-665-SUIT, Fax 251-7266
Attn: Mr. John D. Pioch

Jones Apparel Group of Canada Inc.
55 St. Regis Cr. N.
Downsview, Ont M3J 1Y9
Tel (416) 635-7111, 1-800-665-1050, Fax 635-6395
Attn: Mr. Bob G. Kutner

Josef Int' Imports
5445 de Gaspe, Suite #401
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B2
Tel (514) 279-8466, Fax 279-9942
Attn: Mr. Peter Berbier

JoseFelle Fashions
5455 de Gaspe, Suite #101
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B2
Tel (514) 278-3151, Fax 948-0781
Attn: Ms Nona Zilberberg

Joseph & Joseph Imports
240 Viceroy Road, Unit 13
Concord, Ontario L4K 3C2
Tel (905) 738-5011, Fax 738-5011
Attn: Mr. Joseph Struc

Joseph & Zane Fine Pyjamas
99 Atlantic Ave, Suite #308
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3J8
Tel (416) 532-5289, Fax 532-2740
Attn: Mr. Daniel Penciner

*Joseph Ribkoff
2375 de l'Aviation
Dorval, Quebec H9P 2X6
Tel (514) 685-9191, Fax 685-9259
Attn: Mr. Frank Lyman

Joyce Cheung Designs
94 Cumberland
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1A3
Tel (416) 928-2847
Attn: Ms Joyce Cheung

JSong Apparel Inc.
100 West Beaver Creek Road, #16
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H4
Tel (905) 889-7887, Fax 889-7898

Jubilee Activewear Ltd.
9813, 47 Avenue
Edmonton, alberta T6E 5M7
Tel (403) 436-2223, Fax 435-2501
Attn: Monie Luk

Jubilee Knitting Mills Ltd.
4519 101st St.
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5C6
Tel (403) 436-2223, Fax 435-2501
Attn: Mr. Danny Luk

Judy's Lingerie
100 Lenoir
Montreal, Quebec H4C 2Z6
Tel (514) 277-2787, Fax 932-2909

Julie Accessories Inc.
9500 Meilleur St., Suite #505
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B7
Tel (514) 389-1387, Fax 380-3766
Attn: Mr. Lawrence Bordoff

*Jump Fashion (Algo Group)
225 Chabanel West, Suite 600
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 382-1532, Fax 381-6452
Attn: General Manager

June Lee
3935 Rouen
Montreal, Quebec H1W 1N4
Tel (514) 259-6971, Fax 259-7141
Attn: Mr. Richard P. Rossy

Junk Design Registered
33 Prince Street, Suite 230
Montreal, Quebec H3C 2M7
Tel (514) 866-0350, Fax 866-0350
Attn: Ms Martine Lemieux

Jupa Sports Inc.
9600 Trans Canada
Montreal, Quebec H4S 1V9
Tel (514) 333-8170, 1-800-363-1898, Fax 333-4608
Attn: Chris Lax


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