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Foreign Companies From Time To Time are sending requests  to provide them with Canadian sales people for representation in Canada, all inquiries are welcome and there is  No Service Fee To Pay, All Entries Are Treated Confidential, And Will never Be Used For Any Other Purposes Whatsoever.  For further inquiry on how to get listed in the sales team Contact The Executive Busters

Garment Buyers' Guide Directory - "E" Listing


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Legends & Codes:
* ? Listed under another name
** ? Converters ? Textile Wholesalers
*** ? Reported closed, please check

E & H Enterprises
1051 Meyerside Dr. Unit 7
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1J6
Tel (416) 564-0986
Attn: Mr. Morton Gaventa

E & J Manufacturing Limited (Wool coats)
6595 St-Urbain
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3G6
Tel (514) 276-5151, Fax 276-5456
Attn: Mr. Steven Shein

E & L Sportswear
1179 Finch Avenue West, Unit 16
Downsview, Ontario M3J 2G1
Tel (416) 665-1014, Fax 665-4528
Attn: Mr. E. Marchese

E.E. Paquette & Sons
311 Dundas St. Box 575
Woodstock, Ont N4S 7Z5
Tel (519) 537- 3476, Fax 537-8758
Attn: Dollene P. Rampersaud

20 Bertrand Ave.
Scarborough, Ontario M1L 2P4
Tel (416) 752-5324, Fax 752-6686

E-Wear (Canada)
2405 St. Laurent Blvd, Unit A
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5B4
Tel (613) 736-6685, Fax 739-8145
Attn: Mr. Mark Gencher/Phil Gencher

Eagle Beaver Sports
2852 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1M1
Tel (416) 698-9090, Fax 698-9112
Attn: Mr. David Breech

Easy Living Shops Canada
270 Lilac St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 2T4
Tel (204) 284-2009, Fax 478-1166
Attn: D. Maclinis

Echo Design Group Canada
111 Peter St. Suite 121
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2H1
Tel (416) 599-4041, Fax 599-4322

Eco Fibre Inc. (Recycled Cotton Textiles/Apparel)
347 Taylor Road, Unit #4, R.R. 4
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0
Tel (905) 688-6282, Fax 688-6180
Attn: Ms Judith Heifetz

Eden Creations
17 Paton Road
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1R7
Tel (416) 533-2365, Fax 533-2365
Attn: Mr. S. Constanza

Edwards Fashions
5445 de Gaspe, Suite 402
Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B2
Tel (514) 279-7325, Fax 279-8988
Attn: Mr. Edward Kertsman

Edwin Jeans
555 Chabanel W, Suite 1103
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H7
Tel (514) 383-1222, Fax 384-9636
Attn: Mr. Mark Schick

El-Ka Int'l Inc.
85 West Wilmot Street, Unit 2
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1K7
Tel (905) 764-3746, Fax 764-5790
Attn: Arie Eny

Elanstyle Diffusion
160 Port Royal West
Montreal, Quebec H3L 3N1
Tel (514) 382-0410, Fax 382-4938
Attn: Mr. Leon Azoulay

55 Mount Royal West, Suite 1001
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2S6
Tel (514) 844-8614, Fax 843-3982
Attn: Mr. Alfons Geenen

Elcott International
482 Central Ave.
London, Ontario N6B 2G1
Tel (519) 680-0334, Fax 672-9845
Attn: Ms Susan Elgie

Elegant Bra
5700 Iberville
Montreal, Quebec H2G 2B3
Tel (514) 271-6301, Fax 271-8852
Attn: Mr. Henk de Langer

Elegant Creation Accessories
404 Steeles Avenue west, Suite 208
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 6X3
Tel (905) 889-3800, Fax 889-6387
Attn: Ms Nancy Battietelli

Elegant Knitwear
9494 St.Lawrence Blvd., Suite 501
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P4
Tel (514) 381-4281, Fax 381-1502
Attn: Mr Leo Honigwachs

Eles Designs
67 Mowat Avenue, suite 147
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
Tel (514) 533-9959, Fax 533-9959
Attn: Eles

Elite Blouse & Shirts Mfg.
95 Bridgeland Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6A 2V3
Tel (416) 789-7001, Fax 789-4872
Attn: General Manager

Elite Fabrics (Converters)
80 Eddystone Avenue
Downsview, Ontario M3N 1H4
Tel (416) 743-6133, Fax 743-3145

Elite Hosiery Mills Ltd.
8815 Park Ave.
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Y7
Tel (514) 381-5327, Fax 381-5328
Attn: General Manager

Elite Neckwear
9500 Meilleur, Suite 802
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2B7
Tel (514) 382-0360, Fax 385-1951
Attn: Mr. A. Singer

Elite Sportswear
P.O. Box 3515
Darmouth, Nova Scotia B2W 5G4
Tel (902) 434-5161, Fax 462-0482
Attn: Mr. Abe Hartman

Elizabeth Kay Fashion Design
444 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H4
Tel (416) 597-1328, Fax 964-2511
Attn: Ms Elizabeth Kay

Ell-Jay Dress
225 Chabanel W, Suite 610
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2C9
Tel (514) 389-5904, Fax 389-4046
Attn: Joban Industries

Ellen Margaret Moody
701 King St.West, Suite 710
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2W7
Tel (416) 365-1727
Attn: Allen Parker

Ellen Stacey Fashions
333 Chabanel W, Suite 407
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E7
Tel (514) 385-1079, Fax 385-5027
Attn: Mr. Edward Isenberg

Ellie Sportswear
21 Trojan Court
Scarborough, Ontario M1V 1T2
Tel (416) 297-5904, Fax 297-7982
Attn: Mr. E. Chan

Elmou & Associates
185 Louvain W., Suite #100
Montreal, Quebec, H2N 1A3
Tel (514) 385-5568, Fax 385-5570
Attn: Mr. Nathan Saleh

Elpro International Inc
644 de Courcelle
Montreal, Quebec H4C 3C5
Tel (514) 935-9691, Fax 932-2881
Attn: Mr. Jeffrey Sederoff

Eltes Textiles (Converters)
5585 Royalmount
Montreal, Quebec H4P 1J3
Tel (514) 341-6244, Fax 341-2588
Attn: General Manager

Emanuel Geraldo Accessoires
555 Chabanel W. Suite #305
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H8
Tel (514) 383-6333, Fax 382-9401
Attn: Mr. Philip Guthers

Empire Clothing Mfg. Co.
5800 St. Denis St., Suite 302
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3L5
Tel (514) 279-7341, Fax 279-7345
Attn: Mr. Edgar Leibovitch

Emporio Donna
5967 Jean Talon East Suite #309
Montreal, Quebec H1S 1M5
Tel (514) 256-8270, Fax 253-7858
Attn: Donna

En Blanc et Noir Fashions
1036 E. 24th Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 2B1
Tel (604) 873-1276, Fax 873-1276
Attn: Chris Falcon

English Eccentrics
465 Queen St.West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A9
Tel (416) 947-0487, Fax 533-4929
Attn: Joy Stubbs

Enrico Accessories
555 Chabanel W.Suite #M02
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2R7
Tel (514) 381-3356, Fax 381-5709
Attn: Mr. Henri Ouaknine

Enza Unique
1900 Dundas Street West, Sherwood Forest Village
Mississauga, Onatrio L5K 1P9
Tel (05) 822-8551-, Fax 823-7386
Attn: Ms Enza Talarico

Epifano Collection
713 Greenhill Ave.
Hamilton, Ontario L8K 5G1
Tel (905) 664-8768, Fax 664-8768
Attn: Epifano

Epoch 1
332 Richmond St. W 2nd Flr
Toronto, Ontario M1W 1V9
Tel (416) 971-9329, Fax 971-5810
Attn: Ms Stephanie Rourke

*Era Clothing (Hollywood Jeans)
433 Chabanel W. Suite #400
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J4
Tel (514) 383-5300, Fax 383-7359
Attn: Mr. Joe Biello

Eric Alexandre Imports
433 Chabanel West, Suite #900
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2J8
Tel (514) 385-1000, Fax 385-9269
Attn: Mr. David Benatar

Eric Feldman Sales Agency (Ladies)
333 Chabanel West, Suite 536
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E7
Tel (514) 383-8252, Fax 383-4201
Attn: Mr. Eric Feldman

Erika Eriksson (Designer)
6833 avenue de L'Epee, Suite 301 Montreal , Qc H3N 
Montreal, Quebec H3N 2C7
Tel (514) 277-4390 Attn: Ms Erika Eriksson


Escada Canada Inc.
555 Richmond St.West, Suite #400
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
Tel (416) 947-0644, Fax 369-9457
Attn: Mr. Russel Laniak

Esprit De Corp (1980)
9600 Meilleur St. Suite #715
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2E3
Tel (514) 382-9890, Fax 382-9407
Attn: Mr. Lawrence Firestone

540 20th Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8S 3T1
Tel (514) 634-1325
Attn: General Manager

Euro-Fashion Ltd.
1711 11th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3C ON5
Tel (403) 244-7363, Fax 228-6542
Attn: Mr. Martin Yzerman

Euro-Fashion Style
1040 Hamilton St. Suite #206
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2R9
Tel (604) 685-2911, Fax 685-5095
Attn: Andre Blitz

Eva Bald Fashion
1336 Greene Ave.
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2B1
Tel (514) 935-3730, Fax 935-9720
Attn: General Manager

Evabelle Inc.
8355 Montview
St-Laurent, Quebec H4P 2L9
Tel (514) 344-2525, Fax 344-2524
Attn: Carstein Schmid

Eveline Lignes Directes
555 Chabanel W, #M-48A
Montreal, Quebec H2N 2H7
Tel (514) 389-3265
Attn: Ms Eveline Cohen

EverHarvest Enterprises Ltd.
4003-23 Street N.E.
Calgary, alberta T2E 6T3
Tel (403) 291-9595, Fax 291-3792
Attn: Ms Grace Wong

Excelsior Knitting Mills (1981) Inc.
2811 Dufferin St.
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3R9
Tel (416) 785-5504, Fax 785-7387
Attn: Mr. Saul Herszkowics

Exclusively Yours by Larry Hiebert
40 Spadina Avenue, Suite 206
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2J1
Tel (416) 599-7449, Fax 599-7550
Attn: Mr. Larry Hiebert


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