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the toby project

Your Webmaster & Astroboy

Your webmaster has resided all her life in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.  One morning in 1986 (or quite possibly earlier) her dad came upstairs and found a rather upset little girl on the floor with the TV guide.  Her favorite shows had been all screwed up due to the rescheduling done by television stations every September.  Seeing his daughters frustration, he read aloud the channel numbers with their respective noon time shows and she promptly turned down the first 7 shows.  Her dad stopped at channel 8 and announced a new show called "Astroboy".  However she didn't want to watching a new show.  Her dad insisted that she can't dislike a show she hasn't seen yet and promptly changed the channel much to the protest of this 6 year old girl.  The introduction lines had just begun... "Futureopolis, the twenty-first century.   In the secrecy of his laboratory Professor Balfus creates the world's most powerful robot.  A robot, in the form of a child..." - that was the end of the protest.

Many shows have climactic moments of chills and suspense.  Astroboy had that, and it had quite a unique feeling, it gave me a lift.  There were moments in the show, crucial moments when it was up to Astro to decide what to do and when he made his decision and the music began it gave me a lift.  It's kind of hard to explain the lift I'd get when Astro would take off (and it only happened at specific moments) but it was the weirdest feeling and so addictive ^^.   It was a feeling that happened numerous times and Astroboy is the only show to have ever given me that feeling and I hope I'm not the only one who has gotten this kind of rush from the show.  I got that feeling one last time when I began watching Astro-Boy!!'s AVI file of the intro... now I'm addicted all over again!

Astroboy is the first of many North American released anime series I've gotten attached to (at the time I didn't realize it was anime, I was only 5 or 6 in the beginning) and I would watch any show that had characters resembling Astroboy's, but nothing could substitute it.

I don't remember when Astroboy went off the air, it was airing at a time when I wasn't home to watch (I think I had swimming lessons or something like that) but I was off from that one day and couldn't find Astroboy anymore.  It came back sometime in the early 1990's on ITV but didn't last for very long (I don't know why) but I had planned on taping it but never did.

This webmaster is DESPRETLY seeking the North American version of Astroboy - let her know if you can help via her e-mail.

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