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the toby project

Hang on... still gathering info.

What I can tell you that I remember is Astroboy first aired in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in about 1986, at noon on Saturday in in early September.  It aired on ITV (currently a WIC company) for years and years and had a huge fan base that I'm just beginning to discover in Edmonton.  Apparently it also aired on Radio-Canada.  I remember wanting to write to Astroboy (little ignorant child I was) and I watched the credits to see if they had an address... noticed a lot of French names near the end which confused me because nothing was in French (I now realize the main cartoon center in Canada is in Quebec - thus the French names).  The vocal cast is different than that of other parts of the world and I noticed something to do with Telefilm Canada at the end of the credits.

So that's my vague recollection... and you know, I work in a mall and my store is just down from a tiny anime shop and they have an Astroboy t-shirt in their window so not too many people have forgotten!

If you've got any info (or any tapes I could by a copy off you so I can look for myself) please let me know!

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