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So who owns the 80's?

MANGA Entertainment does!  The rights to the 1980's color version of Astroboy for the USA, Canada and UK is Manga Entertainment.   Big kudos go out to Yoshihiro Shimizu at Tezuka Productions.  Tezuka Productions are the people who originally created Astroboy, and to be more specific, Tezuka himself created Astroboy.

atomu3 Music For Your Ears!

It's the 1980's color version of the Astroboy themes (opening and closing) in Japanese.   They sound kind of cool and they are the same 'tune' as you had for the English/French themes.  My personal favorite from the two is the ending... I'll call it "Mighty Atomu".  The intro, I'll call "Tetsuwan Atomu".   They are Zipped MP3's housed on Geocities.  Enjoy!

Tetsuwan Atomu - 1:15min - 2.24MB

Mighty Atomu - 1:15min - 2.25MB

I may eventually put up the Romaji (English pronounciation to Japanese) to the two songs so you can sing a long!

The 21st Century is Astro's Decade

On October 27, 1999 it was reported that Columbia Pictures has purchased the film rights to "Astroboy" in order to produce a full length feature film. The film will be a live action and animatronics version of the show and work is taking place in co-operation with Jim Henson Pictures. The movie is scheduled to begin filming this summer. Apparently, this won't be one of your low-budget children's films with the incorporation of the CGI and animatronics into the movie. So far, the only name anyone is able to attach to the show is Todd Alcott from "Antz" who will be the script writer. There is hope to get the film out by Christmas of 2000, but probably more realistically early-mid 2001.


atomu4 Sony and Tezuka Productions want 3rd shot at TV

Sony Pictures Entertainment has teamed up with Tezuka Productions to produce all new anime version of "Astroboy"! The actual television format is unknown, but best guess say that there will be a new TV series, possibly an OAV and a movie (animated, as opposed to Columbia's production). This may be a serious change for Astroboy because he may get an incredable upgrade to fit in with audiences today. His power may not be powerful enough to attract children of the new millenium. So Astro may not be what we remember. However, he may still have that special quality in him that 2 different generations of fans have loved, and can still attract a third in his current state. We'll have to see what Sony Entertainment decides....

Spread The Word!

That's the ticket, since I submitted the link to a bunch of places, FORM results are up... slightly. SPREAD THE WORD! How many of your friends remember Astroboy? Get them to sign as well! If Astroboy ever comes up, remember this site. Astroboy deserves a much better fate than to be forgotten like seems to be happening.

Again, the petition link is RIGHT HERE


atomu2 Australian, Japanese, Cantonese & French Conections

So... where does my episode search lead me? Not where I need to be, but here's some info for all who are interested about where to get some episodes.

I'm wondering if anyone who has the North American English 80's version of Astroboy realizes that they would make a pretty penny if they could make coppies!

My Legacy

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of my father, he was Professor Balfus, a renowned scientist in engineering. He dreamed that he could create an all powerful robot, and he tried but robots given such power have medicinal purposes and his creations turned to evil. I was his son, Toby. I was his only son and only family. Tragically I died in a car accident. Balthus's last moment with Toby
My father could not completely cope with my loss and he set to work in his laboratory. He created a child robot, a child with great power and had the most striking resemblance to myself. The robot was named Toby, in my memory. Toby was not let known of the powers my father had bestowed upon him, it was up to him to learn. In a fiery accident, not long afterwards, my father was killed.
My robot reincarnate was left to fend for himself, no one knowing who he was or what he possessed. Taken under the wing of a kind young lady at the circus, Toby became a clown. The lady - Kathy - gave Toby a gift, a pair of red boots, that once belonged to her brother. In the ensuing conversation she gave Toby the name Astro for his stage name. Disaster seemed to follow Astro; during a circus performance the mistreated robot elephants stampeded and endangered the audience. For the first time, Astro revealed his power to the public, using his great strength and rocket powered limbs, he dismantled the stampede. Finally, at that moment, Astro's luck changed; in the audience that day was a well known scientist from Futureopolis. Professor Peabody recognized the style and strength of Astro as something created by Balfus. Astro had a contract clause that would not allow him to leave the circus for many years. Kathy and Professor Peabody teamed up and faked Astro's death, leaving him free of the contract. Peabody took Astro under his wing and brought him home to Futureopolis.

In the coming months people would learn about Astro and what he possessed. The only remaining creation of Professor Balfus and the only sign of his son who died, became a legend.

My father's heart and soul was poured into Astro and his testament to my life lived on in infamy on television around the world. People in Australia have been given the chance to treasure this legend and my fathers memory on video. However, the people in North America who grew up with Astro's story in the 1980's, have yet to see their version brought back to life. My story has died in North America. Although it may be slightly different than the one in Australia, it should live on.

"The Petition"

Here is where you, the fans of Astro, get to help. It has been said that the 1980's color version of Astroboy was not very good - here's your chance to prove the critics wrong. I have devised a petition, for fans of Astroboy in North America and all around the world to sign in order to get the North American version of Astroboy back on television in your area or perhaps released on video. PLEASE, help my father's legacy live on and sign.


Also, you can let the stations know, in your own words, how much you want to see Astroboy again! I am unsure of all the North American stations that aired Astroboy in the 1980's so if you can help, please e-mail me.

Mailing info for:



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