I never considered myself a writer.. and in fact never thought I could or would write.  But one day I sat down at my computer and words just came to my head.  That was the beginning of a very enjoyable pastime that encompasses both my fantasies and real life.  

The first two of my stories, you will notice, my true submissiveness was there.. but hidden, even from me.  It was shortly after I wrote the second story that I was awakened to who and what I truly am.. a submissive.. a slave.

I then began to write more, and in a truly submissive light.  I wrote a series of 'teasers' as I call them.  They were primarily written to gain attention and to elicit a response.  I was constantly seeking to learn all that I could, and in the responses I received, I would. 

Once totally giving myself up to my true nature, a longing in me that had been hidden for so long had finally been fulfilled. I felt complete.. whole.  It was the most beautiful feeling in the world, one that I still treasure to this day, and strive to learn and be the best slave that I can be.

I hope you will enjoy my writings as much as I enjoyed writing them.



Art Gallery

A Night of New Experiences

The Ride of Her Life

Going Shopping


Master Meets Keryn

The Substitute's Lesson

The Weekend

The Pool Hall


     Watching From the Shadows

A Pocket Full of Surprises

Who Made the Salad

Hot Fun Under the Sun

His Shirt


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