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Soul-Mates and Divine Relationships

Featured Article by Eri Morningstar:
"The Mirror"

Relationships act as a mirror, reflecting back to us our ideas about Who We Are in relation to All That is.

Krishna and Radha

From the sweetest ecstasy to the most painful conflicts and seperation our relationships give us the gift of self-awareness through the eyes of another. As we follow our hearts, and awaken to our highest truths, our awareness of God/Goddess changes, we realize that we are ONE with all that is, and our relationships start to transform before our very eyes.

Often, when one partner begins to grow Spiritually, the romantic relationship begins to dissolve and fall away as the illusions and third-dimensional games are no longer played by both parties. This is especially true if the other partner is "stuck" in their beliefs and refuses to grow. Often this "falling away" of the painful relationship is in reality a preparation for a new relationship, one that is a higher reflection of Unconditional Love, or possible even a Twin-Flame or Soul-Mate. But always, the ending of one thing, is the wonderful beginning of a NEW journey, and it is a journey of the self, and of the heart.

This can be a difficult time, as the Soul is then faced with two choices: Love or Fear. Granted, it is so much easier to give in to Fear, to cling to a relationship that is no longer the highest truth out of co-dependance, misplaced responsibility, or fear of change, financial loss or "losing face" with friends and family.

But, if the individual can see beyond this tempting illusion to maintain "status-quo", and take a leap of faith into the unknown, they will find that in doing so, they have moved into a totally new reality, one where love rules, instead of fear, anger and manipulation.

Two Souls often come together for short periods of time to complete old karma, to work out energies between them that have been held for eons, or often out of a sense of co-dependance, aka: "I can/must/will heal you!". These types of relationships are always temporary, for they are born out of fear, and not out of Unconditional Love. The ego-trap is created when we cling to them, or to another out of possesivness, fear of being alone, or just plain old apathy.

Once we have moved beyond the fears, parted the veils of illusion, and stepped through into the unknown; We see Who we REALLY Are, we can never be happy just "settling" for a third-dimensional fear-based partnership again.

Suddenly we are propelled forward with a new desire; A desire for full and total Union. Union with the Divine, Union with Self, and Union with another that reflects the glory of this Love.

These pages were created to explore some of the ideas about relationships, Union with Divine, Soul Mates and Twin-Flames. Of course, I had to put a little Tantra and Sacred Sexuality on here as well, for it is all tied together in one beautiful ribbon of love...


The Tantra Site by Feliceanna is one of the best I've found to "introduce" you to aspects of Tantra if you are curious, but not sure what it's all about. She starts with an overview, and then leads you through step-by-step classes on breathing, creating space, self-love, moving beyond fears, connecting the heart, and more! She covers Tantra not so much from the mechanical side, as the Spiritual side, in much the same views I have. I couldn't possibly have written it better myself!

"How Do You Know" by Eri Morningstar
How do you "know" if someone is a twin-flame or soul-mate?
Exploring the Higher Relationships of Souls to each other within the One.

link here "Preparing for your Twin-Flame"
Excerpts from the book, 'Twin Souls' by Joudry & Pressman
along with Eri's commentary, and guidlines of Spiritual growth for Union, with Twin-flame and with Divine.

"Healing the Shadow & Mirror of Relationship" by Matthew Blais
A very insightful article exploring the 'shadow side' of self,
and it's integration into Unity.

"4th Density (Dimensional) Relationships" by Germane
Wonderful Channeled material from Germane. Covering
Monogamy, Empowerment, Love vs. Fear, Honesty etc...

"Balancing Male and Female Energies" by Germane
channeled info from Germane,
A beautiful meditation for balancing the male/female within.

"Tantra", an introduction by Dinu Roman
A introduction and overview of Tantra,
enlightenment through the ecstasty of sexual union.

"Excerpts on Divine Relationship"
Excerpts from the Urantia Book on
Divine Relationship and it's reflections