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Earth-Watch Pages

Earth-Watch links you to current real-time satellites, volcano and earthquake watches as well as monitering current magnetic flunctuations and hertz/heartbeat of the Earth.
I will update this page as I get new information regarding what is happening worldwide, because it is very important for us to be aware of what our planet is experiencing. We are all connected, and as the vibratory rate continues to increase, knowing what is happening on the planet gives us clues as to what is happening within us as well.

Please take this information as empowerment, that is, do not allow fear of change to dictate your choices, just allow the awareness of these changes to inspire you to more love.

Your thoughts and energy DO have an effect on the Earth, and on humanity. We as a planet CHOOSE our future, what will you choose?

Current Frequency:

Shuman Resonance Frequency (SRF):
(Normal in past at 7.8 Hertz)

CURRENTLY AT: 13 Hertz and rising

Current Magnetics:

Geo Magnetic Grid/Field:
(4.0 gauss at -2,000 years)
Effects our Emotional Bodies...

CURRENTLY AT: app. 0.4 gauss

The above info was released July 1, 1998 from Drunvalo's site based on Russian info...(see link blelow!)

How Does the Earth's Magnetic Field Effect Us? (Click Here)

Current News:

(From Drunvalo Melchizedek's Website Please visit below!): According to Gregg Braden, the solar proton flux which is measured in PUI rose to about 2500 PUI in the late 1980's. The scientific community was very concerned about this "much" energy reaching the earth. Do you know what it was a few days ago? (As of July) 42,000 PUI !!!!

Link to Drunvalo's site for very insightful and current information as to what is happening in our Solar System, as well as updates on Merkaba/Light Body meditations during these shifts.

Note: The Links Below will take to off of this site, so be sure to Bookmark before you go!

Volcano World
Did you know Mt. St. Helen's is active again? A volcano is forming off the coast of California?
View maps and check current volcanic activities around the world

link here Drunvalo Melchizedek's Personal Homepage
Drunvalo presents current info with a beautiful and open heart.
He gives us the latest updates, along with Spiritual truths to keep the focus on what is real here. (Visit his site once, and you will go back, I promise!)

National Weather Service
Weather Satellites, watches, warnings and radar.

Earth Watch (Official Site)
Excellent Site! Current Satellite Images, Stormwatch etc... World wide and realtime as you can get.

Tropical Weather Data
Wonderful satellite-links/images, forecasts,
storm-tracking around the world.

National EarthQuake Info. Center
Current real-time earthquake maps
and seismic reports on most recent quakes.

Philosopher's Stone
Pole Shift Updates,
Good Index of Merkaba articles and interviews as well

Global Earthquake Report
From University of Edinborough, Real-time graph showing details of current earthquakes around the world, with a map available for each one, either world-wide map or US map detail.

Today's Space Weather
GREAT site by the Space Environment Center and NOAA
aimed at satellite owners to predict solar/magnetic fluctions and storms. This site gives info on Solar Activity/Forecasts, Magnetic Storms & GeoPhysical Activity Forecasts.

EPA Global Warming Site
Atmospheric Change, Future Climate Predictions,
Sea Level Changes, U.S. Climate & Global Temp. Consider that it is a Gvt. site, and so information is broadcast from that perspective

GeoMagnetic Data at NGDC
Extensive site and archives including satellite, surface & paleo/archeo measurements in archive database.
You have to write and request the files. Oddly enough the released info covers to 1993 but not the last few years. Consider that it is a Gvt. site.

Current Geomagnetic Conditions
Current conditions! Geomagnetic Summary, Forecast,
Plots of Data, Magnetic Storm Forecasts & Current Field Status