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Enter the
Temple of

Enter the
Temple of

You have entered the threshold of the Temples of the Goddess.
I've created this space to honor and explore the Goddess within all Women, Lady of many names.
When we as women study, honor, dance or pray with the Goddess, we are truly acknowledging the Divine within each of us.
Per her request, this Sacred space is divided into two temple areas, the Temple of Sekhmet/Bast, and the Temple of Hathor/Isis.
I have chosen these two Goddess' because they complement and balance, however the Divine Female has many names and forms and energies, these are only two.
Join me in celebrating the Goddess within, the Joy of Life, and Love, and Creation!

Beautiful Sekhmet, from ALL THINGS SEKHMET

Lady Sekhmet

by Eri-EL Morningstar

Your fiery light of sweet delight,
Embraces my wounded heart.
Singing to me, mysterious melody,
To reunite each forsaken part.

Lionness soft, you lift me aloft,
and show me the Sacred Way.
Transforming the night of illusions game,
Into the Brilliant Sun of Day.

Enter the Temple of Sekhmet

Her Temple contains: Healing & Meditation, The Mysteries, Fire-Path/Tantra, Purification, Transformation, Protection.

Winged Isis, by John Philip Wagner

Isis Invocation

by Dion Fortune

I am the star that rises from the sea, the twilight sea,
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny,
I bring the moon-tides to the souls of men,
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again.
That flow and ebb and flow alternately,
These are my secret, these belong to me.

Enter the Temple of Isis

Her Temple contains: Healing our Earth Meditations/Earth-Work, Goddess Archive, Ceremony and Invocations, Crystals and Gemstone Healing.