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Angelic Inspiration Outweighed My lack of know-how!

"Your Heart is the Door to the Flower of Life"

Welcome to Earth-Star! This site is dedicated to exploring the deepest truths within our hearts, a place where Earth and Star, Matter and Spirit merge, helping to co-create a greater reality on Earth. So often we look outside of ourselves for "answers" to Spiritual seeking. That is the illusion of this dimension, that we are somehow separate from Spirit, and therefore we think "The Truth is Out There", outside of self.
Ultimately, though, the highest truth is what you find INSIDE of self, within your Heart. I believe the doorway to everything lies within the heart. It is where our Soul's light anchors and illuminates. Thank you for joining me on this journey of the heart, remembering that we have already reached our destination, and it is called Love.

It is my prayer that this site will help guide you within, to a place where you question what you have been told, and start to form your own individual truth, the Truth of your Heart.

Earth-Star is not a "religious" site, I follow the path of Spirit, not Dogma, but do try to convey some of the Mystery Teachings of the Ancient Spiritual Orders and Aboriginal Peoples of Earth, the Sacred Elders and Elohim who held "Keys" into the secrets of the Universe, and the Awareness of Who we Are, and Why we are here... It is now time to start remembering those "Keys", as many of the Native Elders of Earth are coming forward to share that their ancient Prophecies are at the time of fufillment. This does not mean we are approaching the "end of the world", (quite the opposite, actually) but that it is time to accept RESPONSIBILITY for our future's, and to CHOOSE what our future will hold as a planet.

Elders of all traditions agree that it is crucial to our future as a planet that we remember how to embody LOVE, forgiving the differences in humanity, and celebrating our Oneness...

We are connected even beyond this reality and planet, to realms of Creation beyond our wildest dreams, and everything we think, or do or say in our lives radiates out into this delicate web of life, effecting far more than just our own existance...

It is our choice as to how we effect our future, and the future of everything; Are we going to radiate fear, hatred, anger, war, pain and seperation, or are we going to radiate and create LOVE, Unity, Peace, Brotherhood, Forgivenes and Oneness?... It is up to us.

Remember, as you start to find your own inner Truth, your voice of awareness, connected to the mass consciousness of humanity, adds to the light and power of everyone else who as likewise remembererd who they are, and decided to choose differently.

We CAN create a greater reality. We CAN heal our planet.
We ARE already doing so, with every heartbeat that radiates love...

In Service, Eri-EL Morningstar

UPDATE! My new Sister website is:
You can find a lot of new channeling and readings there. Also *HENK* I have held a reading for you since July, but need a current email address from you. PLEASE contact me!
my new email:

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What's New at the Temple?

Site last updated September 5, 2003

I am pleased to be able to be of service by now offering online readings. I am able to do readings by email, each reading is a combination of channleing, and connecting with your Higher Self and Angelic guides to bring through messages about your questions. I focus on empowerment and loving support told in a truthful way. My rates are VERY reasonable and you can pay with credit card through paypal!

My BRAND NEW sister website ANGELS UNIVERSE now is home to my online readings and newest channeled messages from the Elohim and Angels.

"Legends of the THUNDERBIRD"
by Steve Mizrach, Native American History/Science of Thunderbird and Heyoka

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"What Dreams May Come"

Yes, it is a weeper! This is a journey of the Heart, Metaphysics 101 at it's finest! As an artist, the color and passion of the artistry alone is enough to watch it again and again. Here are links and photos to inspire those who have not yet journeyed into this paradise, and to remind those who know...

Star Conference Directory

Standing Elk, Lakota Spiritual Elder and Sundance Chief has brought together the worlds leading Spiritual Teachers, scientists, healers, prophets and experiencers for gatherings that are devoted to the upliftment and awakening of humanity in service to Spirit. Link to Star Conference Directory

THE NEXT STAR CONFERENCE Will be announced as soon as I know....
I am currently looking for ARTICLES on personal experiences from Star Conferences, if you attended one of them, and would like to submit a story/article for posting, please e-mail me!

"When the last moon is cast
Over the last star of morning
And the future is past
Without even a last desparate warning
Then look into the sky where through
The clouds a path is formed
Look and see her how she sparkles
It's the Last Unicorn
I'm alive... I'm alive."

(From "The Last Unicorn")
The Last Unicorn Page

Soul-Mates & Divine Relationship

Link to Soul-Mates & Relationships

What is Divine Relationship? Truly it represents the relationship between you and the Divine, love partnerships, business relationships, every other relationship in your life is but a reflection of your relationship with the Divine as you experience it to be. I have created these pages to offer insight, clarity, and ideas for thought on the subjects of relationships, especially those of romantic nature! As our partners are a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, and about God, they are usually where issues that need to be healed within us show themselves... Meditations, articles and channeled information.


Our planet is currently experiencing a shift into a higher frequency and dimension... Awareness of Earth's transitions can assist us in our own spiritual transformation... Our bodies are connected to the Earth, what she experiences is likewise a reflection of what is within us. Links to real-time Volcano Watches, Weather Satellites, Earthquake Sites, Metaphysical Commentary sites etc...

link to earth-watch pages

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Zachary, Tahca, Journey and Rainbow Star You are the light in my life! I know everything we do Spiritually and physically will effect the world you'll inherit. It is my prayer that you will inherit a world of Peace, Love and Clean Environment where you will be able to stand in Unity and Brotherhood with all of Creation, and I promise to do everything I can to bring that into being.

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