What's all this tremors lark then?

Since starting this tremors web page I've asked loads of people what they think of the three movies, and I met responses that you would not necessarily expect. Half of them came out with almost exactly the same response, 'Wow, I remember that, it's those giant worm things aint it? it's a great film!', and it's great to hear people say this, as if you have stirred something in the back of their mind. The problem is that the other half have never heard of the film's, and I think this is a real shame. I know that budget wise they are B movies (Tremors cost $11m, Tremors 2 $4m and Tremors 3 only cost an amazing $2m), but they truly deserve to be recognized for what they are, energetic, funny, exciting, fast, but most of all, fun movie's.

Tremors was released early 1990 after the Stamped team had an idea about 'Land Sharks' while working on a documentary they were filming. In the cinema it did reasonably well, with world wide box office sales of over $17 million. (approx 11 million). Where the film triumphed was in rental and video sales, mainly in the USA. This meant that Universal decided that it was OK for Stampede Entertainment to work on a sequel. The conditions were that they felt the strongest market for the original film was video and rental sales, and so did not release it at the cinema or spend large amount of money advertising it. This meant that Stampede had a very limited budget to make the film, just $4million. They could not afford to hire the best special effect and animation people. But that didn't stop them trying, and people had enjoyed working on the original Tremors so much that they cut their fees considerably to help make the movie happen. So it did, and in the US the video is now close to going double platinum (selling 100,000 copies). In the UK it also sold quite well and can now be picked up on the Four Front label for a brilliant price along with the original film See here! But did it sell enough copies to make a profit? Well it must have, because Tremors 3: Back to Perfection has just been released. This only cost around $2m to make but still had the same great production team behind it to make sure it was a success. In fact when it was shown for the first time on the Sci-Fi channel in America in gave them their second highest viewing figures ever! Well the story doesn't end there. Although it seems Tremors 3 hasn't really hit off in the UK (I have only ever seen it in Blockbusters, and has anybody ever seen a review in the British media?) it seems the Americans cant get enough. The sci-fi channel have bought in to the Tremors series and television series has been created and shown in the USA. Of course we have to wait again. There is no plan as yet to show it in the UK, and we think this stinks. We will keep you updated here at UK Tremors on all developments.
So what now? Well if you don't know the films you better get a copy quick, and if you have then take your chances in the Tremors quiz. There is one for each film and one based on the background info of the films.

Whats more, things arn't over yet, and not by a long way. Now that the TV series is well under way filming of a fourth film has started (in fact its probably finished now!). This time we travel back in time to see the Graboids attack 100 years ago!

Enjoy the site and if there is anything you would like to comment on, contact us at ewokmic@yahoo.com. Also we would love to get contribution, not only from the UK but the world. If you have any Tremors related info that you think would suite the site then send it in and you will get full recognition for your contribution!

Thanks for stopping by,

Michael Petch.

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