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    All our linked interviews are exclusive to UK Tremors so you will only read them here.
  • S.S.Wilson
    Talks about Tremors 4 and CGI[12/12/03]
  • Robert Jacoby
    Melvin from Tremors 1, 3 and the TV series. (Huge!)[22/10/02]
  • Rock Solid Studios
    Quick chat with the guys behind the computer game [14/2/03]
  • S.S. Wilson
    Tremors director talks to us about T3 and T4.
  • S.S. Wilson
    We hear about the TV series
  • Brent Maddock and SS Wilson
    Massive interview about the making of T1 and 2 and the then upcoming T3 [15/6/00]

  • Welcome to the new home page of UK Tremors. This web site is dedicated to all the Tremors films and the fans who have stuck with them since the first movie in 1990. We are the official UK site and are the best place to visit for information on Tremors 4 and the TV series! Check out our message board for the most up to date Tremors gossip on the net.

  • Tremors 4: The Legend Begins now avaliable region 2 (UK) for only 5.97!

  • Hello Tremors fans. Very few updates recently as not much happening. There are two things we are waiting for. Tremors the series DVD release and a possible Tremors 5. If we get any new I will post it here! (22/3/06)

  • Hi there Tremors fans. I have been off the net for over a month but I am now back. The latest news is that Tremors 4 is now readily avaliable in the UK in a classy yellow box. If you haven't bought it yet get down to your nearest video shop now! I have 3 or 4 new pictures that have been emailed to me. I will post them as soon as i get some time. (1/8/04)
  • Tremors 5 script complete! S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock have a completed Tremors 5 script. Whether it gets made or not is down to the success of Tremors 4. Also some nice new photo's over on the
    Stampede site.
    Any comments? Check out the message board. (23/03/04)
  • Bad news. The Tremors game has been cancelled. Just gonna have to play http://www.dirtdragons.com game one more time. Also a couple of new pictures from fans in the picture section.(20/02/04)
  • Here's the news we have all been waiting for. Tremors 4 will be released in the UK on 19 April, with a retail price of �12.99! Over on Play.com you can order it for �9.99! I'm told that the certificate is 12-A but play says it's 15 so not sure. Great news. (17/02/04)
  • There is a great new Tremors game out that you can play on-line. Hours of fun http://www.dirtdragons.com Check it out! (23/12/03)
  • The first two episodes of the TV series will be shown TONIGHT on the UK scifi channel from 8pm! You can also catch Tremors 2: Aftershocks on BBC 1 tonight at 11:35pm.(7/1/04)
  • Tremors the TV series reaches the UK! The 9th of January on the Sci-Fi channel with two episodes starting at 8pm. Then every Friday at 9pm. It looks like they are going to be shown out of order like in the US. Thanks for the info Chris. Lets hope they can bring Tremors 4 to the UK this quick. Tremors 4 is out on DVD on the 2nd January in the US. (23/12/03)
  • New exclusive interview with S.S. Wilson -GO- (12/12/03)
  • We have just been contacted on behalf of Universal Studios with the Tremors 4 trailer! So check it out now!
    56k (slow modem) - 128k (medium) - 300k (fast)
    Why not talk about the trailer on our new message board. (26/11/03)
  • A good new Tremors site Check it out (24/11/03)
  • We have a all new message board. Check it out. Thanks Ward! Also the release date for Tremors 4 on DVD in America is now set at January 2nd. Also strangely I have found the movie titled Tremors 4: The Legend Begins Prequel Pack on the Universal home website (03/11/03)
  • Help save the Tremors TV series -GO-
    Also a nice new drawing in the pictures section. Plus we have a new fan script for a Tremors 5 film by Nik May. Sorry about the lateness of these updates!(10/10/03)
  • Another great UK Tremors exclusive as we talk to Kevin Kutchaver, the man behind the CGI of Tremors 3 GO

    New picture from Carl. If you have a Tremors picture you think should apear here, just email it to me. ewokmic@yahoo.com

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    Check out Stampede Production's website, the guys behind Tremors.

  • Tremors 3: Back To Perfection is distributed by MCA/Universal Home Video, Inc. TM and Copyright � 2001 Stampede Entertainment. If your still reading, here's a link to our old news page GO . Oooh, historic. Lads at 32 Message Board