Christofer Sundberg Talks to UK Tremors (8/1/2003)

Christofer Sundberg Talks to UK Tremors (8/1/2003)
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Christofer Sundberg the Creative Director at Rock Solid Studios, the Swedish designers of the Tremors computer game spared a few moments to talk to UK Tremors.

UK: 1, So how long have you been working on the game? is there anything to see yet?.

CS: We are still quite early in development, many details are still confidential. Including planning and design, we have worked on this game since April/May 2002. Even though we cannot show anything officially yet, we are playing the game internally and there are both Graboids and Shriekers in the game at this point.

UK: 2, Will the game be based on any of the films or just the upcoming TV series?
CS: The game is an independent story, but with tie-ins to the TV series and the movies.
UK:3, Is there any details of the game that you can let us in on? E.g. storyline, structure, gameplay, multiplayer etc

CS: The game is a single-player action-adventure in line with the Resident Evil series of games, but cross-overs to games such as Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. As players are partly dealing with monsters hunting on heat or vibrations, there will be different ways to move around in the environment.

UK: 4, Is it still set to be released on all the major gaming systems? Do you have any kind of release date set at the moment?

CS: Still to be determined.

UK: 5, you must have seen the films a lot of times by now. Has Stampede/Universal supplied you with much information and help?
CS: They have been much helpful.

UK: 6, For our readers, will this be a game they will be playing into the small hours?
CS: Definetly. As there are many diffrent ways of defeating the monsters, players will come back to try different solutions to various problems.

UK Tremors thanks Christofer for the time he spent on this article. Check out the Rock Solid website -

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