Recently I was sent an E-Mail by sombody called Alessandro Briglia. He is a 3D modeller working in the videogame industry and sent me these two pictures which, amazingly, he made in his spare time. They show a man being eaten head first by a Graboid and look really realistic.Just click on them to see the picture in full.

View Graboid picture 1 .... JPG

View Graboid picture 2 .... JPG

Wow, here we have yet another Graboid picture from Alessandro. Hopefully there will be more very soon....
View Graboid picture 3 .... JPG
Here is a picture sent to us by Ward Ackerman. Check it out.
View Shrieker picture.... JPG
Great Graboid chart from 12 year old Michael Vicente.
View chart... JPG
Ass Blaster picture by Michael Vicente.
View Picture... JPG

Great Tremors movie poster by Selina Policar Age 9.
View Picture... JPG

Very Interesting map of Perfection by Sam.
View Map... JPG

Burt Vs some spiders? Interesting.......
View Pic... JPG

Quality photo of a Shrieker destroying a Delorean.
View Picture... JPG

Great picture from young Tom Baker.
View Picture... JPG

Nice new picture from Adam Grignon 14 .
View Picture... JPG

Another new pic.
View Picture... JPG

Pic from Carl.
View Picture... JPG

Can you rival the quality of these ace pictures? We would love to hear from anybody who can send us Tremors pictures, either hand drawn or computer designed. Just E-Mail us at:

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