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The Soul is not a rock. It is not a solid 'thing' that stays in the shape of a rock. The Soul is a flower. In warm sunny weather the Soul, like the flower, opens its petals to the sun and grows. But like the flower in harsh storms, its petals can loosen and be lost to the wind.

These parts of the Soul do not die however. They continue to live, but only as pieces without a center. There is no direction. The Soul, without all of its parts, can no longer grow. The Soul becomes like the rock, unable to move. It is fragmented. The Soul still feels the emotional pain and hurt from the past.

But the petals can be returned to the flower. The Soul can continue its growth. Health can return. Healing will take root. The past is released.


There are many ways, and there are many reasons for soul loss. The Soul is very delicate, It is your emotional center. When a child suffers abuse whether it is emotional, physical or sexual, and he or she has no defense and nowhere to escape to, it is the Soul that runs away. When the abuse is constant, piece after piece will break away. Over time this will lead to a feeling of, 'being outside of yourself', having no 'will', like you are living your life in a 'dream', feeling 'disconnected' to yourself and your emotions.

Although you may feel numb emotionally, you still feel the pain and hurt. Many adults continue to suffer soul loss. We may choose partners that perpetuate the abuse because that is all we know. We become accustomed to it, not realizing that it is still possible to be happy again.

Abuse is not the only way soul loss occurs. It is possible to 'give' a part of yourself away. If someone you love very deeply leaves you, by death or other circumstances, they may 'take' a part of you with them, where ever they go, even to the grave. If someone has great power and control over you, they can take what they want. You can feel the loss. Sometimes this is referred to as 'taking one's power away' this is all very real.

You can even leave a part of your Soul in a place loved by you. A home, vacation spot, a place you played at when you were little. Moving away from a place you loved is a common way. We seem to remember the happy places in our lives, we often return to them. When this is the only happiness left in our present day life, it can lead to melancholy and depression.

At this point, a person may seek ways to numb the pain through alcohol, drugs, overeating etc. Anger can become the dominant emotion. Over time, all this turmoil can have an effect on the personality, leading to mental anguish, depression, anger. It is a downward spiral, that may seem inescapable.

This is when shamanic healing is needed. A shaman has the ability to journey to the events in the past that caused the soul loss, gather the parts of the Soul and return them. In the spiritual world, time is not linear. All things are possible.



Coma patients are those who have had nearly the entire soul leave the body. There is just enough of the soul remaining to keep the patient alive, but without consciousness.

The Physical World cannot live without the Spiritual World. The Human body cannot live without the soul. If the soul leaves the body, death occurs.

Whatever the traumatic event that caused the soul to flee the body, these souls are either lost and cannot find their way back to the body, or if they have realized what has happened to them, they may be deciding IF they want to return to the body, or go on to their Spiritual home.

Yes, this state can continue for weeks, months and years because time is not linear in the spiritual world. It is possible for a soul that has been floating outside the body to believe that only a few moments have passed, when in physical reality it has been weeks or months.

It is possible to find these souls and determine if they wish to return to the body and wake up. Then, if they wish it, guide them back to the physical body .


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