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The Wounded Healer


"and who heals the healer ? every time the healer, heals another, the healer receives healing. but the healer is not always healed. except for the soul"


It would be a logical assumption to think that if a healer cannot heal herself, then they must not be a very good healer. But there seems to be necessary requirement that the healer needs to remain a little bit wounded in some way.

The Healing Path, teaches us to understand that it is through this link with those in pain that we grow in our love and compassion. It also lets us feel and understand the spiritual, emotional and physical connections that we all have with each other and all living things. That there really is no separation between us.

After a while, the Healer will become so 'linked' with everything, that she will truly start to feel the physical affects of deep emotions from others. An example.. when the Christmas tsunami of 2004 struck Indonesia, I woke up that morning after, with my right eye swollen shut. Yes, this was a direct effect.

The Universal Life Force or Divine Light, is this link that flows through, around, and between all living things. It is the Spark of Life that gives us health and vitality. It makes everything grow and live. It connects us all with the Divine and with each other.

It is necessary to be this wounded healer. The 'wound' is part of all realms physical, spiritual and mental or emotional. It is sharing the hurt and pain of the patient. Our heart will feel what the person has felt. It is most personal. When the Healer allows 'all' of these links to fully open, even understanding what it will cost, there is no higher reward.

The Nurse-Patient connection is a part of this link, but can be miss-understood usually by the patient and sometimes by the nurse as well as being a special bond between just these two. But it is of course just a part of the over-all link between all things. And... this 'special bond' that the nurse and patient feel towards each other.. is how we all are supposed to feel for, and from everyone else. We have a long way to go don't we?

Love makes us strong. Love is the strongest force in the Universe. Although I have many 'wounds', my heart is allowed to remain open. And I grow with each new 'wound'.

There is one more reason for the 'wounded healer'. Ego. It is very easy to let our ego have reign over our hearts. When we see the wonderful healing acts that we can do, and we hear the praise from those we have healed, who wouldn't start to get a big head? Our 'wounds' are a reminder, to keep our hearts 'bigger' than our ego. There is nothing wrong in having pride in what we can do. But with this pride, we need humility and gratitude that we have been allowed to have these special 'gifts' to help others. Otherwise, we develop false pride.

It can be very subtle. If the Healer lets false pride take over, we stop living through our heart and the ego takes over. When this happens, we lose our special healing gifts. Then we lose our way on the Path, and stop growing. We are no longer a Healer.


Copyright © Jennifer Sanfilippo


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