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The Path to Enlightenment



Buddhism, Kabbalah, Merkabah, Sufism, Mental Alchemy, Witchcraft, Thoth/Hermes, and the other occult/mystery traditions & practices based on Gnosis and not Faith, are all different paths through the same forest. They all eventually end up at the final destination. Some paths are a little longer than others and you may see and experience different things along the way but, all True Paths finally reach the same goal. Enlightenment. All True Paths require one thing: A heart open and filled with Love. It is through a heart that is open and filled with Love, that is the starting point on any Path of Enlightenment.

This Path starts as an ever winding path into a vast deep forest. While deep inside this forest, it is possible to get mired down, to stumble & loose sight of your personal path. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the immensity of the whole forest itself. It is important to remember that you are indeed, supposed to 'see' the individual trees, creatures & beings who live in your forest, and to learn from them. You will learn from one Teacher to the next along your path, until you finally reach the other side of the forest. You can now step out into the open on the other side. Look around. You will be able to see for a long way in many directions at once. And when you turn around and look back at the forest, you will know it well. And you will know your own place within. And your forest will always be there to teach & guide you.


The Personal Path or the Great Path ?

The Personal Path, is your own personal path of enlightenment. The monk in a monastery who spends most of his time in prayer and meditation, devoted to finding enlightenment in his life is on the Personal Path. So is the Loner who seems to be always lost in thought and oblivious to others around them. Or the person who always seems to be searching for their own place in life. It may at times seem like a very lonely Path. But, it is a noble path. It is a path based in Truth and on Love and Compassion for all life. It is the goal of all to find their way back to the Light, as it should be. It may take a person a long time in their present life to figure this out, but hopefully they eventually will. One does not need to join a monastery to be on the Path. When we are born we are placed at the 'starting line'.

The Divine gives us our lives out of Love. We are born not in sin, but in Love. Life is meant to be a time of great joy. Life is meant to be a celebration. Heaven is our Birthright, not a reward. We all get to go Home.

The Great Path, is the same as the Personal Path. Except that along the way, your heart will be opened and filled with so much joy, love and understanding, that you feel the need to share with others and to serve. It will not be enough for you to go it alone anymore. You will feel 'called' to be in service to others. Once you have realized this, your service to others will become permanent. There will be no turning back to the Little Path. You become changed. You will leave the old 'You' behind, and will be made anew. You will feel different. Still You, but there will be a Lightness within. You will feel this.

Those who know you will sense a difference in you. For those who are not ready to follow, they will start to drift away. Others will become attracted to your Light and will want to know more. Expect changes.

The Great Path is a road that is difficult. It can be mentally fatiguing, and lonely, as you will experience things that cannot be shared with others through words. There will be few who can understand what you experience. But your rewards will greatly outweigh everything else.

© Jennifer Sanfilippo


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