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Mythical poetry was about Truths. In the beginning these Truths were memorized by the Bards or Poets. Through these poems, the Bards spoke invocations and proclamations to Deity and other Spiritual Beings. They were memorized and passed down through the Bardic Tradition. They were also historical accounts of past deeds and events.

With the rise of the Christian Church, the Bards had to 'code' the verse, to protect themselves from accusations of heresy.

From there, Court Bards started to corrupt the poems with made-up verse or events in order to please their royal benefactors, and stay in favor at the courts. Thus it became 'fantasy' and 'make believe'. With the verses leaving the essence of truth behind, the Bards slipped away from the spiritual links that the original verse maintained. The intent of the poetry was lost. This continued down through time evolving into what are called the Classics, the Romances, Tragedies and so on . It seems that this would be the original meaning of "Poetic License"!

All of my poetry is as close to the Truths as I have experienced them. But on these pages, I attempt to return to the original form. These are my Truths as I have experienced them through my journeys. Since I alone know these personal experiences, my references will act as the 'code'. Some can be recognized by those who have traveled a similar Path, most will have to be guessed at.

These are also 'living' mythical poems. They will continue to grow. This may seem to be a contradiction, but as I recall and remember these events and times of my experiences, they will be added to existing poems, and new ones started.

These words are meant to be read and spoken with sincerity of Heart and firmness of Spirit.

These are my Truths... They are from my Heart... Please enjoy.


All words, text, poetry copyright

© Jennifer Sanfilippo


"Dragon helmet" by © Brian Froud


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