The Triumphant

The sequel to Close Your Eyes If you haven't read the first part it is strongly recommended that you do!

Things are different for Angel and Buffy now...and the promise of things to come weighs on their minds. When an enemy from Angel's past plays them a nasty turn it's up to up to everyone to save the Champion and the Chosen.

Prologue: Welcome Home *NC-17*
Chapter One: Jinxed
Chapter Two: Helpless
Chapter Three: From Bad To Worse
Chapter Four: Close Calls
Chatper Five: That 'Ole Black Magic *NC-17*
Chapter Six: Storming the Castle
Chapter Seven: Weakness
Chapter Eight: Changes
Chapter Nine: Doublecross
Chapter Ten: Interrogation
Chapter Eleven: The Ties That Bind
Chapter Twelve: On the Outside Looking In
Chapter Thirteen: Apprehension
Chapter Fourteen: Turn of Events
Chapter Fifteen: Back From Beyond
Chapter Sixteen: Disguise
Chapter Seventeen: Finale