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Welcome to Delta Force
Hello guys and welcome to the DF Delta Force Site. This is the father clan of all the expansions and is the main headquarters for the multi-game clan. Below is the current news for the rogue spear Delta Force or maybe the entire clan. The most important updates and news will be on this site. If you have just joined DF than be sure to talk to whoever recruited you to get you set up.  If your interested in joining just click on the Join Us link  If you want
to get to know us first then feel free to look around. Delta Force dedicated being a fun and fair clan.  Although higher ranking members do have more say, the clan is set up so that everyone can influence the direction DF takes and not just the leaders.  Read about it in the Clan Government link if you want to know more. So have a look around and good gaming.

Retired Members

Below are former members of DF who have retired but won't be forgotten.

DF_Sundance: We'll always remember him for his dedication and loyalty to the end. He was with DF even after it fell. If I were to see him again I'd make him a general and put him on the clan council.

DF_Twitch, DF_Detour: Literally the first member of DF 2 1/2 years ago, he was with us until DF died.  He moved onto RD Rogue Demons but I believe he know longer comes on. He contributed a lot to DF and was a good friend.

DF_Flippy: We'll always remember him for his funny sense of humor and unmatched hide and seek skills.

DF_Silentbob: Silentbob is still around though I have not seen him recently.  We didn't always get along but he's a cool guy and will be missed.

DF_Tato: Very funny guy who was always fun to play a few games with.  He was also DF's best host in it's history hosting a game of 16 people with no lag at all. He will be missed.