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Welcome to Delta Force
Hello guys and welcome to the DF Delta Force Site. This is the father clan of all the expansions and is the main headquarters for the multi-game clan. Below is the current news for the rogue spear Delta Force or maybe the entire clan. The most important updates and news will be on this site. If you have just joined DF than be sure to talk to whoever recruited you to get you set up.  If your interested in joining just click on the Join Us link  If you
want to get to know us first then feel free to look around. Delta Force dedicated being a fun and fair clan.  Although higher ranking members do have more say, the clan is set up so
that everyone can influence the direction DF takes and not just the leaders.  Read about it in the Clan Government link if you want to know more. So have a look around and good gaming.


2.4.02-Hey people -  Alot has been going on.  We have new members they are DF_Icenite , DF_Mystic.  They are very good.  Also promotion time. The following people have got promotions DF_SilentBob0 to LT. Maj.   DFs_Tato to Captian.  DF_Eclipse_ to SGT.  Good job.  Also dont ladder if you dont know info.  Well thats about it, Good Hunting

1.23.02- We have a new members, he use to be in DF a long time ago.  His name is DF_Detour and DF_Smurf and DF_Wasbi 

12.25.01-Merry Christmas guys. The site is now up and running and you can find it at  There have been a few promotions so check the new ranks link. We have beaten IM in a friendly clan match. It was a tough game but we pulled off the win 10-8. I'll be gone for a while and so will Blade so there might not be any updates for a little while.  See ya-Force

11.28.01-The site is coming along good now and we are doing pretty well with recruiting and clanladder. We managed to beat TKO in a friendly match on tuesday and we are now ranked 46 in Clanladder. Keep up the good work!-Blade

9.15.01-Hey we now have over 20 members and we have reached rank 85 in clanladder.  If you wish to participate in the clan matches speak to either Me, Force, or Smugchimp. Silentbob has been promoted and is on the Alpha Squad. We have begun work on a new site so bear with us as we work on it.-Blade

7.35.01-Hey we now have about 10 members and are still recruiting. We won our first clan match against RSL 5-0 2.1 .  Keep recruiting and have fun.-Force


6.25.01-Hey guys its Bladeslicer. Force and I have officially started DF today and we are now recruiting.  Gouvy is helping us set up our clanladder account. Be looking around for potential recruits. cya-Blade