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Welcome to Delta Force
Hello guys and welcome to the DF Delta Force Site. This is the father clan of all the expansions and is the main headquarters for the multi-game clan. Below is the current news for the rogue spear Delta Force or maybe the entire clan. The most important updates and news will be on this site. If you have just joined DF than be sure to talk to whoever recruited you to get you set up.  If your interested in joining just click on the Join Us link  If you want to get to know us first then feel free to look around. Delta Force dedicated being a fun and fair clan.  Although higher ranking members do have more say, the clan is set up so that everyone can influence the direction DF takes and not just the leaders.  Read about it in the Clan Government link if you want to know more. So have a look around and good gaming.
Clan Government

                                                   Clan Government

The picture above explains how the clan and it's expansion clans will vote on major changes in the clan. Below is a brief explanation of the picture and how everything will work.

Voting System

As you can see in the picture above each group of ranks has its own number of votes.  When the clan or an expansion clan is going to make a major change only members of that game and clan will vote.  If it is a big change that effects the entire clan including expansions then everyone will participate.  As you see above it shows what ranks in each clan are equal too in other clans.  What will happen is each of the groups will vote amongst themselves on whether they want this change or not.  If it is yes than the number of votes assigned to the group goes to yes while if it is voted no then the votes will go to no.  In the end the points are counted up and the change is either made or not made depending on what side won.  In the event of a tie the Delta Force leaders will get together and vote amongst themselves and will be the tie-breakers.  It will almost definitely not be a tie with the clan leaders, but if it is the proposal is dropped.


 The purpose of this is to give everyone in the clan a say in what happens.  The votes were chosen specifically to make the lower ranks have a little more say in the clan.  Say there is a change that would be a benefit for the higher ranked and disadvantage to the lower.  Even if both the Generals and Officers voted for it, the lower ranked could all vote against it and tie them.  The proposal would then go to the Clan Leaders who would vote against it for being unfair.  As you can see this way of voting keeps the clan as fair as possible for everyone.