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SusanFxtrt's Home

Welcome to Hidden Paradise Ranch, located in Missouri just southeast of Kansas City. You'll see pictures of equines, dogs and tractors. I ride and adore Missouri Fox Trotters.

I trained three hackney rescue ponies. Click on Honeybear to visit the HACKNEY PAGE!

We have piles of working and non working antique and classic tractors tending towards the color green, as in John Deere green.

Sage the Brave

Click on picture to see more of Zane Gray's Purple Sage, line bred Zane Gray Missouri Fox Trotter.

Meet JR at Six Months

JR is a Missouri Fox Trotter combining Yankee and Sensation bloodlines. He has been imprinted at birth and LOVES people. His color is strawberry roan sabino dun. You can see the strawberry roan. Sabino means he has white spots here and there which you can't see in his winter hair. Dun means he has a stripe down his back. His stripe includes about 2" of white right at his withers and then the strip is red. It goes down his back and to the end of his tail. He and I are both strawberry roans..WE MATCH! We will be quite a combination in about 3 years!

It's been 3 years now and I am riding JR and loving everything about him. He's grown quite tall. He's right at 16 hands..bigger than his mother or father! This is 2003 and he's four years old. He seems to have grown every day since he came to Hidden Paradise! He is very athletic. He still loves people and likes to take me out for a smooth spin!

JR is almost at one year old in this picture. Terry scratches JR on one of his favorite places. Picture taken June 2000.

The Princess of the Pasture

That is Susan, Velvet's personal muck-maiden, riding in the Novice class at the 1999 Missouri Fox Trotter World Celebration at Ava, Missouri.
Click on Velvet's picture to see more of her versatility pictures and her COSTUME PICTURE during the 1999 Ava World Championship Celebration

Click on Velvet's reining picture to see her at the 2001 Celebration at Ava.

Tremendous photo of Velvet jumping over a round bale. We were warming up before the Level 3 clinic started. Velvet has a 45' rope attached to her halter and my blue Parelli Savvy string around her neck. If you look close, you will see that I'm trying to get the slack belly of the 45' rope over the haybale!

Tis an Ode to Susan if yee will!

There once was a Fox Trotter called Sage
who cantered in spite of her age,
while practicing Parelli
she slid on her belly
the distance not quite what she'd gauged

Her mistress named Susan was frantic
She could not get the hang of these antics
she slid right beside her,
no Velvet to guide her,
with neighs of her horsy semantics.

"I will over-come this" she bellowed,
and climbed back astride of Ms Mellow,
erect in the saddle,
no arm-pumping paddle,
she showed them that she was not yellow!

"I'll practice till I break a sweat"
"I'll get this and so will my pet
"Hey, this is fun",
"you son-of-a-gun",
"That makes it all worth it", YOU BET!

an original limerick for her high officialness from the former Leprechaun,
Marge Murdock

Missouri Fox Trotters: Versatility and Personality and S M O O T H Riding!


Ariel is in the foreground. She is now watching over us in her own special urn. Sadie is #2 dog and motivates Ariel to run and play. Sadie will be three years old this year and we are certainly glad she has lots of room to run and expend all her energy. Ariel swims and fetches sticks. Sadie watches on the shore and takes the stick away when Ariel brings it to shore.


Since I, the wifey, get to make up this web page, I chose the cutest picture of my husband, Terry, that I have ever seen. He isn't a horse person, he's more of a "horsepower" type of person. I like to think that it's the horses that give him the excuse to have working good looking tractors.

Of Course, Someone has to FEED US! This is Terry cooking our Christmas dinner nattily attired in his John Deere Christmas apron.

Visit TERRY'S TRACTORS You'll see some fetching antique tractors!

See Velvet as a Reining Horse at the 2001 World Celebration! THE NATURAL GAIT

A Place where the Natural HORSE People come to Play and Learn. Many clinics and events are offered during the summer and fall. Click on the picture to find out about the Natural Gait.


PINE DELL FARM A Stable Offering Lessons for Horses and Riders Using Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship methods of training. (This is my 2nd home.)

VISIT MY PROFESSIONAL WEB SITE You'll find some pathetically humerous stories and perhaps some learning about horses and fox trotters.

SUSAN BECOMES A CERTIFIED COWGIRL! Visit My Page of Early Years Shetland Ponies, Large Pony and American Saddlebred

Visit The Group Lesson You'll see some amazing Cowgirl women in the 1900's, in this parady of what to do on Saturday mornings at Pine Dell Farm when we have a 1-2 hour group lesson.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Home


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