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She is a line bred Zane Gray horse. She is the lead mare of ANY herd she's ever been in. Sage has attained Level 2 status in the Parelli organization. She is the 2nd gaited (1st fox trotter) horse to have successfully executed the flying lead changes task contained in the level 2 requirements. She is the first Missouri Fox Trotter to pass all Level 2 Tasks!

In 1999, Sage trained to be a barrel racing and pole bending horse. This is her 1st professional debut at the 1999 World Celebration Fox Trotter horseshow.

Sage the Brave with friend Velvet, Princess of the Pasture This is the warm up arena before the Flag Ceremony at the Ava Celebration. Riders are Susan and Denice (from Michigan and carrying the Michigan flag).

Sage is a very special compaion and partner.

Sage became a mommy in 2002. She gave birth to McNamara's LA KODAK MOMENT.

He is 4 months old in this picture. Kodak was named after the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood where Susan's son, Nathan Granner, debuted as a member of The American Tenors. McNamara starts Kodak's name in honor of Frank McNamara who is the guiding force behind The American Tenors. (He was also the guiding force behind the Irish Tenors!)