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Reining Horse Velvet!

Reining is a new sport to the fox trotter world. Velvet has been practicing for the reining class without even knowing it over the past years. We've been working on flying lead changes, changes of speed at the canter, rollbacks-because they're fun, and stopping! Velvet's newest favorite picture of herself in reining competition:


The most popular feature of a reining competion is seeing these horses gallop fast and then come to a sliding stop. Well, this arena is not made for reining has some dirt and lots of rocks. Velvet didn't really want to wear "slider" shoes and compete in all the other classes, so we aren't wearing reining horse shoes. Velvet is thinking that she came to a darned good sliding stop!

Three Feet in the Air!

It's unusual to get such a great picture of a horse galloping. Velvet is up in the air...there is only one foot on the ground.


Velvet wants everyone to see how good she looks from the front. She just couldn't pass an opportunity to show off her beautiful head and a chest full of muscles!

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