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Dale Hoerl, owner of Dale's Automotive in Lenexa, is Terry's partner in the antique tractor adventure. Many of the tractors in the following picture belong to Dale.

A New Allis Chalmers Arrives
This is Dale's newest acquisition. This pretty baby was purchased during the Antique Tractor Club Swap Meet, March 26, 2000.
Click on the image to see more pictures of "ALICE" and her arrival day at Hidden Paradise Ranch.

1941"B" John Deere Tractor (hand crank). Terry restored this tractor.

1941 A John Deere
Terry's Newest Arrival!
Terry and friends drove 500 miles to get this tractor 01/16/00. It is a payoff for fixing a tractor. They think that it even runs!

Now, the fixing starts on the JD "A".

1948 SCCase

Terry got this tractor in trade for a log splitter. We can't split logs anymore, but who cares. We got a pretty orange tractor!

This is a 1947 Cub, which wifey calls "The Cute as A BUG CUB"

Terry, himself, with his brand new (restored) 1977 Truck.

But let me tell you something about the heating and cooling insulation. This truck sat around many years and was the home of many fine mice families. Terry didn't completely get rid of all the insulation. Now, wifey refuses to ride in the truck when the air conditioner or heater is turned on. (Old mice urine smell never goes away!) Terry will probably put wifey's head IN the insulation when he reads this!

FOR SALE: New from the ground up. This is the best of three pickups made into new again. It's a 1959 Fleetside Chevy Truck. It currently does service as a rather fine cat feeder. Funny, we moved to the farm so we wouldn't have to hide parts of pickups in our small back yard and in our basement. Now we are obsessed with antique tractors. This pickup is for sale!


This is a dying tractor, but someday it will be a green work of art. It is a 1958 420 John Deere tractor.

This yellow tractor is a fetching 1960 LowBoy Cub. Our daughter-in-law, Laurie loves to drive it. It's cute, not big and scary!

This is a lovely 1965 Oliver tractor. It's all dressed up with no place to go!

1963 FARMALL 140 (hot tractor!) This is wifey's (Susan) very own tractor. She lets Terry maintain it. She loves her tractor because it is the fastest tractor on the place, and it has an adjustable padded seat.

Terry gets irritated and gumpy at Susan when a tree branch reaches down to breaks off the muffler, when a large sapling leaps in front of the tractor and breaks the tie rods, when she tries to mow bushes with 3" needles and flattens the tires, when the tractor wants to race and goes too fast, and when the tractor decides the dam bank is too ugly and tries to mow the steep dam.

Other than a little stress here and there, life is good with tractors at Hidden Paradise Ranch.

The Place Where Tractors Go to DIE

Whoops! How did a picture of JR get in here?


Dale's Automotive on the certificate of excellance!

Two-Cylinder Club Picnic..lots of food door prizes and tractors! Click on the handsome young man picture to enjoy the day!

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Click on the front end of a LP620 to see more pictures.

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