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Velvet at World Celebration 2001

Ava in September is the place where all fox trotters gather in competition...some friendly and fun...some not. Velvet only competes in the spirit of fun and loves to show off her skills and beauty.

Click on Velvet's reining picture to see her at the 2001 Celebration at Ava.


Here's Velvet in the trail class. She is supposed to turn a circle without touching the boards...and she did!

Velvet can do this in her sleep. We have to back thru an "L" shape without stopping.

Velvet and I have to get through a gate. I have to open the gate and never let my hand let go of the gate. I don't know how long Velvet is, but the gate is very short. Terry built us our very own gate at home that we practice on. It's made all the difference in the world. We stroll thru this gate now!

All these great versitility pictures were taken by Dawn of Free Rein Design. See her work at Check out Dawn's great photographs of Missouri Fox Trotters and other things as well!

Christmas in September!

This is the costume class. I'm a decorated Xmas tree with a huge star attached to my glitter gold hat which is attached to my glitter gold hair! I've got a Xmas tree skirt on. I'm wearing a battery operated CD player. Velvet's bridle has felt antlers on the top and felt Xmas tree lights on the brow band. The reins are trimmed with garland. She's wearing antique Xmas bells from way back in our pioneer family. She's also carrying large battery operated speakers wrapped as Xmas presents. Our Xmas songs are Manheim SteamRoller Xmas. ...very powerful! I have Xmas presents tied onto each stirrups with elastic. They are bouncing up and down. Velvet has a huge red bulb tied to the cinch under her belly. She has lovely strands of gold stars running thru her mane. She has a lovely red bow with long red streamers tied to her tail. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!