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These links will be continuously under construction. As I get more usage, or more information on these products and modifications, I will update these links when necessary.
If you have a KLR modification that you would like to see here, send me a write-up of your mod, and if you have some pictures, email them to me in jpg format. I'll post the good stuff.

KLR Specs

Chatterbox & Jams for a KLR

Corbin "no-dip" saddle for KLR

Givi tail box/with backrest for passenger

Mikes KLR650 website (lots of klr mods)

KLR Mods - from Derm

KLR Mods - Kickstart from Chris

Phantom Riders KLR Mods

Shade Tree Bob's KLR Mods

ThunderDogs KLR Mods

Speedbump's KLR Mods

Sigma Sport bike computer on KLR

Mikes Carb Mod

Acerbis Disk Protector

Move Your Tag, or Lose It!

MotorMarks Centerstand

MotorMarks Exhaust Page

MotorMarks Handguards Page

Mac-D - Chase Harper Compac Saddlebag Review

MAC-D Rack & Kawi Saddle Bag Review

MotorMarks Horn Mod Page

MotorMarks Kawi TankBag Cheap Fix

Tim Bernards "Happy Trails" Highway Bars

Chick Here to see my 12volt outlet & GPS Mount

Chick Here to see my Universal Vista Cruze Throttle Lock

Chick Here to see my MSR Skid Plate


Arne's Sub-frame Brace Mod.

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